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Craftsman Landscape Design

Ideas and inspiration for landscaping your craftsman-style home. For a printable, high-res guide to this style, visit:
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To see this high-res inspiration guide to designing a landscape for a Craftsman-style home, visit Yep, it's printable!

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This cool, minty vine, Cissus discolor (also known as rex begonia vine, though it's not a begonia at all) would make a bold impact spilling over the sides of a container. From Brushwood Nursery, which sells vines and climbers for the garden.

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This John Clayton honeysuckle would look stunning clambering over a fence. It's even native to the eastern and southern US, so it will attract your local pollinators. From Brushwood Nursery, which sells vines and climbers for the garden.

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Never seen such interesting geometric angles used as a retaining wall before, but this really works. Elegant design solution from Mills Brothers Landscape & Nursery in Fort Collins, CO.

Retaining Wall Design - Landscaping Network

This modern steel firebowl would go beautifully with the wood and stonework often found on a Craftsman-style home. Design by John T. Unger Studio. This model's called the "Fireball" and goes for $3000.

John T. Unger Sculptural Firebowls

This meandering garden path uses granite cobblestones for a clean yet casually natural look. Design by KaneScapes in Cooperstown, NY.

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Just adore the detailing on these copper rain gutter brackets. From A.B. Raingutters in CA, NV and HI.

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These plants would go beautifully with the brown and tan tones so often found in the natural materials of a Craftsman home. Design by Maureen Gilmer of Morongo Valley, CA. Check out more suggested landscaping plants here:

Plants for Landscaping - Landscaping Network

I love the clean simplicity of this wooden arbor and gate. The repetition of the modern-looking pots balances the unfinished wood perfectly. Design by Exteriorscapes in Seattle, WA. Get more ideas for garden gates here:

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I love the way this natural wooden trellis fits the architecture of this home so perfectly. Design by Fine Construction in Seattle, Washington.

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The coppery metal cauldron and the painted Adirondack chairs would suit a Craftsman-style home perfectly. Design by Dig Your Garden Landscape Design in San Anselmo, CA. Learn more about this lawnless garden here:

Fire Pit - San Anselmo, CA - Photo Gallery - Landscaping Network

The staggered flagstones create a natural yet comfortable pathway around this beautiful water feature. The natural materials and colors go well with a Craftsman-style home. By Paradise Restored Landscaping in Oregon.

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The naturalistic boulders create a majestic yet fitting setting to this Craftsman-style home. By Paradise Restored Landscaping in Oregon.

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What stunning, old-world craftsmanship. Floating Pennsylvania bluestone steps were incorporated into this dry-laid stone wall. This attention to detail and natural coloration would go beautifully in the landscape of a Craftsman home. By Rockin Walls in Hampstead, MD.

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This wooden fence arbor does an effective job of screening without making the garden feel closed-in or dark. Design by Fine Construction in WA.

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The coppery color of these path lights would complement the natural materials often found in a Craftsman home's exterior. For more information on choosing pathway lights visit:

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The sturdy lines and natural colors of this beautifully-crafted outdoor fireplace would go perfectly with the architecture of a Craftsman home. Design by SDG Architects in Redwood City, CA.

Outdoor Fireplace Design Styles - Landscaping Network