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French Landscape Design

Ideas and inspiration for creating your own French-themed landscape design. For a full-color, printable idea board visit
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This elegant weathered door shows the effortless charm of French gardens. The Boston ivy's the perfect casual touch. Photo from Deborah Silver of Detroit Garden Works.

Dirt Simple | Gardening and Landscape Blog by Deborah Silver

These French glazed pots with ivy topiary set off the front door perfectly. From Deborah Silver at Detroit Garden Works.

Dirt Simple

I love the structure and layout of this gorgeous French-style garden. Lush yet refined. Design by AHBL in Washington.

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Blooming roses cover this iron trellis with spring and summer cheer. From Drake Design Associates - Landscape Design Studio.

Drake Design Associates - SOUTH OF FRANCE IN SANTA CLARA

Using the original bricks from the chimney in the patio reflects the history of the home while creating something new. By Drake Design Associates - Landscape Design Studio.

Drake Design Associates - SOUTH OF FRANCE IN SANTA CLARA

Decor, plants, and materials for a French-themed landscape. For a high-res, printable version of this stylesheet visit:

Landscape Design Sheet - - Photo Gallery - Landscaping Network

Conference, Duchesse d' Angouleme, and White Doyenne - All French varieties of pear which would look beautiful espaliered against a garden wall. Available from Raintree Nursery.

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This antique French fountain serves as the centerpiece of this lush courtyard garden. Design by Studio H Landscape Architecture in Newport Beach, CA. See more courtyard gardens at:

Front Courtyard Garden Design - Landscaping Network

Drifts of sea thrift make an excellent border plant in a French landscape design. Designed by Miller Design Group in Stanwood, WA.

Front Courtyard Garden Design - Landscaping Network

The rough-hewn stone and concrete fountain lends a feeling of maturity and grace to this landscape. By Bonick Landscaping in Dallas, TX.

Water Feature Gallery - Bonick Landscaping

Anthropologiefrom Anthropologie

Blacksmith Blossom Chair

Put a purple, grey or lime cushion on this "Blacksmith Blossom Chair" and enjoy whimsical French style. From Anthropologie. For more decor ideas visit

Blacksmith Blossom Chair

This row of clipped trees creates an elegant way of guiding the eye through the landscape. By Ann-Marie Powell Gardens.

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These elegant plantings and stone pillars help this historic home fit into the landscape. Landscaping by Switzers Nursery and Landscape in Northfield, MN.

Switzer's Nursey and Landscaping

Love this four square planting design. The little boxwood rounds are too cute! By Jay Thayer Landscape Architect in San Francisco. See other ideas for a lawn-free garden here:

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Porcelain tiles are an excellent option for a landscaped courtyard, especially if you use full-body porcelain, which is colored all the way through the tile so that any potential chips will be less obvious. Learn more about outdoor tile options here:

Patio Tiles - Landscaping Network

This French-inspired wall fountain is placed within a lavishly-planted vertical garden. Photo by Maureen Gilmer. For more small-space inspiration visit:

Side Yard Landscaping - Landscaping Network

Classic iron and wood planters inspired by the colorful yet rustic courtyards in Provence. I can imagine these planted with lush, blooming lavender. From La Caze. - is for Sale (Lacaze Inc)

This French/ English hybrid combines loose, tumbling flowers with a tightly-arranged geometric pattern that lends an air of class to the colorful, exuberant plantings. Lovely landscape by Roger's Gardens in Orange County, CA.

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Love this comfortable patio setting, complete with flowers in a vase, candles and more. Decor by Parker James, via Roger's Gardens.

Parker James | Roger's Gardens

The French aesthetic meets a modern sensibility. The gray and lilac tones highlight the French planting selections like Allium and lavender, while the clean lines and wooden catwalk suggest a modern landscape design style. Photo by Nicola Stocken Tomkins.

moderne Gartengestaltung | Architektur und Design

Stone is always in style. This carved stone fountain in the French courtyard look has a big enough basin to catch the splashes. From Fountains Unique. For more fountain insights visit

Fountain Design Tips & Common Problems - Landscaping Network