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Grow Ornamental Grasses

Low Maintenance Backyards - Landscaping Network

Go Xeric - Albuquerque backyard

Low Maintenance Backyards - Landscaping Network

Opt for Meadow Plantings

Low Maintenance Backyards - Landscaping Network

Roy Dowell and Lari Pittman's Cactus Garden in Los Angeles 2 | Garden Design

A Waterwise Cactus Garden, Photo Gallery

lawn free front yard makeover

Roundup: 5 Yard & Landscaping Makeovers

Ample paving, low groundcovers, and a fabulous orange house. Green Inspiration: Grass-Free Landscaping | Apartment Therapy

Green Inspiration: Grass-Free Landscaping

This desert front-yard facelift breathes new life into what could have been a boring lawn-scape. Designed by Christy Ten Eyck in Phoenix, AZ. Photo from Sunset.

30 inspiring outdoor makeovers

This front entry feels inviting and open, yet has a soft, prairie-like effect. The decking used as entrance path has a clean, modern look. Design by Andrew Grossman Landscape Design in Seekonk, MA.

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Love the feeling of openness from a lawn, but don't want to mow and water? Gravel's a simple solution, and as you can see, it doesn't have to look industrial. Just tucking a few plants throughout ensures a softer look. Photo from Sunset.

41 gorgeous garden paths

Can't wait for this new book to come out. Pam's blog Digging has been offering up some seriously inspiring no-lawn photos for years, so seeing her best advice and pics compiled into one resource will be amazing. It's called Lawn Gone! Low-Maintenance, Sustainable, Attractive Alternatives for Your Yard by Pam Penick.

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What a fresh and inspiring example of no-lawn landscaping that looks lush and inviting. Photo courtesy of Stephen Orr, via Pam Penick's "Digging" blog.

Digging | Gardening wisely & beautifully in a hot climate

"This sward of Asian ornamental grass needs no mowing and requires far less water than traditional turf." says Maureen Gilmer in Morongo Valley, CA. I love the fluffy softness! See more no-mow ideas here:

Lawn Alternatives - Landscaping Network

This prairie-style landscape has soft, flowing appeal. Photo by Maureen Gilmer - Morongo Valley, CA. See more lawn-free landscaping ideas here:

Lawn Alternatives - Landscaping Network

Evelyn Hadden's new book offers up a critique of the American, then follow it up with strong design alternatives to that oh-so-boring green postage stamp we're all so bored of.

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Who knew artificial turf could be so gorgeous? Sleek design by Newtex Landscape, Inc. in Henderson, NV. Learn more about how this landscaper revived his business with artificial turf:

Artificial Turf Backyard - Landscaping Network

This former lawn was replaced by well-defined, modern squares of rock. See more lawnless landscaping ideas here: Photo credit: Maureen Gilmer - Morongo Valley, CA.

Lawn Alternatives - Landscaping Network

This totally no-mow landscape has a Mediterranean flair and a modern touch in the red doors. Design by Alida Aldrich Landscape Design in Santa Barbara, CA. See more lawn-free pics here:

A Courtyard Garden Renovation - Landscaping Network

This no-lawn seating area takes a fresh and modern approach. The built-in benches are a space-saving way of inviting you outside to enjoy the beauty. Design by Huettl Landscape Architecture in Walnut Creek, CA. For more lawnless landscaping ideas visit:

Zen Courtyard Garden - Landscaping Network