Land Wilson

Land Wilson

Award-winning children's author - "If many little people in many little places do many little deeds, they can change the face of the earth." ~African proverb
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Gorgeous illustrations in Laurie Jordan's Yawning Yoga. Helps kids de-stress, decompress, and stretch their bodies after a busy day. <3

In the end, only kindness matters. ~Jewell (image from Sofia's Dream - Earth Day Everyday reading ages 4-8)

The sign says so #killnoanimals Mother Earth would be pretty peed off with us killing so many innocent animals completely unnecessarily. We're leaving behind a whole lot more than just footprints, we're leaving a trail of destruction, torture, death, violence & suffering. Go vegan and help put an end to this @jackyfalkenberg

Bill Nye has this one right!!

The Quickest Kid in Clarksville by Pat Zietlow Miller, illustrated by Frank Morrison