Painted rocks for garden markers
great save for old chair with broken legs!
Utilize all of your space...
Neat Idea: Just add a hurricane vase and candle to potted plants to make cute lights!
Strawberries in cinder block garden walls
for the birds
Hot Tub Boat: we need one of these in the haven!
clay pot birdbath & many more
MARBLES. drill holes in your fence and insert marbles

More ideas
Put 2 pallets together and stepping stones on top. Makes a great outdoor bar or plant bench.
Outdoor furniture made out of pallets. I would paint them a different color though.
Great Bird Feeder!
Pallet stuff!
Glow in the dark pots
primitive decorating ideas with wooden pallets | Interior Decorating Handmade Ideas. Home Decorating Handmade Craft ...
Love this! For the first day of spring, birds will take strings and weave them into their nests. Fun for the kids to do for a homeschool project!
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Bird watching in your garden  ~  Feed them fresh fruit  ~  Baltimore Orioles love oranges and Cardinals love grapes
DIY chandelier bird feeder