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    This is a game I play with my students to practice corresponding angles, alt. interior, alt. exterior, supplementary, same side interior. They must place feet in the type of angles I call out. (Got from YouTube video) - Repinned by Chesapeake College Adult Ed. We offer free classes on the Eastern Shore of MD to help you earn your GED - H.S. Diploma or Learn English (ESL) . For GED classes contact Danielle Thomas 410-829-6043 dthomas@chesapeak...

    This is a great way for reinforcing and/or teaching lessons on linear equations. There are eight equations included in this sort and for each equation there are pieces for the following: slope intercept form (y=mx+b), standard form (Ax+By=C, slope (m), point-slope form (y-y1=m(x-x1), a graph of the equation, x-intercept, and y-intercept.

    New 2015-04-22! Converting Between Standard and Slope-Intercept Forms (A) Math Worksheet #freemath PLUS a few other more specific options on the algebra page.

    Math = Love: Standard Form of a Linear Equation -- Foldable showing two different ways to graph lines in standard form, including using intercepts.

    Foldables, Templates, Graphic Organizers, and Downloads. She has 3-door, 4-door, 6-door foldables of various shapes/sizes all ready to download. Plus some good templates for use in ISN's. =)

    Matching equations (slope-intercept and standard form), graphs, and tables

    This activity was used to review the three methods for solving systems of equations (graphing, substitution, and elimination). Students were separa...

    Parody of Yeah! by Usher Westerville South High School, Westerville, Ohio Follow us @WSHSmath on TeachersPayTeachers, Facebook, & Twitter (Intro) Dub South Wildcat Pride Yeah! Okay! Murphy, Murphy, Murphy Lets Go! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! (Verse 1 - Mr. Mu...

    Here is a one page, 5 problem worksheet/quiz to give students to check their understanding of solving systems of equations using graphing, substitu...

    I'm totally going to use this in my Algebra class when I start teaching systems of equations.

    Systems of Equations "Fly-Swatter" Bingo! Lots of math review activities and lesson plans on this page

    "Treasure Hunt" with partners for graphing linear equations - This is actually a perfect way to lead into systems of equations, too.

    This activity is designed for students to complete after learning about solving linear systems of equations. The activity gives students a real-life perspective on system-solving by using a simple business application. Students will imagine that they are doing a fundraiser by selling burgers. They will write expressions for the cost and revenue for each of three burger providers. Then, they will use substitution in order to determine a break-even point.

    Graphs of Systems of Equations in Real Life~ This contains 15 slides showing a real world application to solving and graphing systems of equations. Students see how using a system of equations can help them make informed decisions about whether or not to join a video club based on the number of movies that they plan to rent. Equations are made, then graphed, and the solution is justified.

    Solve 40 systems of linear equations and plot the solutions as coordinate points to reveal a football helmet. Have students draw the logo of their favorite team on the helmet.

    Solving Systems by Graphing Investigation Activity - FREEBIE

    Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing Walk-around Activity product from CarynLovesMath on

    Get students out of their seats & working cooperatively. They will use their knowledge of graphing systems of equations & inequalities in order to solve problems. This activity is one that the students actually enjoy. they see this as a game, and they work hard to complete the maze. Post the questions around the room, assign students to groups, & give them answer sheets. The next thing you know, you have a classroom full of actively engaged students who are working together to solve problems.

    Angle pair terms worksheet... "for each diagram of the marked angles, circle ALL the names or properties that this pair is guaranteed to have."

    One page notes worksheet for Systems of Equations Unit.

    MissMathDork: middle school math made FUN!: System of Equations Freebie!

    Christmas Party Game idea Finally something other than plain, old White Elephant! So much less predictable.

    ** If you are already an subscriber, you already have access to this and over 400+ worksheets. ** ** Worksheets are copyright material and are intended for use in the classroom only. Purchased worksheets may NOT be posted on the internet, including but not limited to teacher web pages.** Solving systems of equations by graphing worksheet.

    Video - Everything You’d Ever Want From Math Rap: All I Do Is Solve: Methods for solving systems of equations.

    In this Tic Tac Toe, students will practice solving systems of equations.Students can work with a partner while playing this game. The first student chooses to be X or O. They then choose a problem on the board. They work that problem and then check their answer using the QR Code provided.

    Make solving systems of equations more fun with this color by number! Twelve systems of equations are incorporated into this activity. They may be solved using either the elimination or substitution method. Answer key included CCSS A-REI

    M Systems of Equations Activity -- Students use only a scale and their math skills to determine how many of each type of M you have placed in their paper bag. Students LOVE this!

    Teaching math concepts to students whose skills are below grade level.The Exponential Curve: Algebra 1: Systems of Equations

    Use sticky notes to make substitution (systems of equations) a visual, more concrete concept! Great for rti

    This activity and lesson is a great introduction to solving systems of equations. The site has links to tons of additional helpful material. #algebra #mathactivities

    Mystery boxes to introduce Systems of Equations. Could use as Engage Activity and then have sets at Stations for students to work & check.