Classroom ideas. This is a "Twitter Wall."  Every student gets a pocket for a daily update.

Texting Door- Students can text about what is happening. There are 30 laminated sentences strips so everyone (including me) has a place to "text" on the door.

pinner said-->Kristi Hazelrigg Tweet Reads Bulletin Board --- My colleague Kristi Hazelrigg made this Tweet Reads bulletin board for her elementary library. Each bird is tweeting about a children's book, and kids have to guess the book title. Examples: "@petethecat I love my white shoes, too! " and "I know he’s a hero (sort of) but he really should put some pants on!"

Social Media and Technology Back To School Bulletin Board Idea for Middle and High School. I couldn't use it but some of my other teacher friends might be able to

Tabletop Twitter

Great for a shy book-club discussion tables. Pick a passage from a book you are reading {read aloud, book club book, etc.} and glue it to the center of bulletin board paper and have the students write their thoughts about the passage.

Twitter in K-8 Classroom by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

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