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dolls- hi heidi

loved my hi-heidi dolls and I still have them to this day.

dolls- hi heidi

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Remco Pocketbook Dolls: Heidi and Jan's Abode

Remco Pocketbook Dolls herby

Remco Pocketbook Dolls

Remco Pocketbook Dolls dining room set

Remco Pocketbook Dolls

Remco Pocketbook Dolls pip

Remco Pocketbook Dolls

Remco Pocketbook Dolls swimming pool- what I always wanted and santa never brought me


1966 Remco Heidi's Little Sister Hildy Doll

Remco Heidi Bridal outfit MIB by daehawktitan, via Flickr

Remco Heidi outfits 3, via Flickr.

pony cart n horse by daehawktitan, via Flickr

spunky bowling set , via Flickr.

Heidi with her dog pulls up to use phone by daehawktitan, via Flickr

Heidi arriving at the stand by daehawktitan, via Flickr

Pip enjoying a hotdog, via Flickr.

Best costume contest by daehawktitan, via Flickr

Brother and sister Herby and Hildy by daehawktitan, via Flickr

Heidi at the beach. This is my very best and favorite Heidi in her rare swimsuit. Intense blush huh? :), via Flickr.

Herby and Pip by k.e.s_kloset, via Flickr

Heidi (The Pocketbook Doll) by LORAC! Carol, via Flickr

Remco Pocketbook Dolls hildy's friend pipsquick- Bing Images

Heidi Dolls 1960S - Bing Images

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  • Barbara Oliver
    Barbara Oliver

    Mine was the one in the red case

  • Crazy Cat Lady Hogarth-Murphy
    Crazy Cat Lady Hogarth-Murphy

    I had Jan, Heidi and Hildy as well as the bedrooms sets which were the bunkbed set and the canopy set and the living room set, the kitchen and the poolside one. Never did get the house.

Heidi and Jan Custom Kitchen Set - Bing Images

  • Mary Conroy
    Mary Conroy

    still have this! :)

Heidi Pocketbook Doll: Adventures in Fairyland , Majorette Records - Bing Images

Remco Heidi Dolls and accessories - Bing Images

heidi and friends- Bing Images