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Learn how you can use the resources at the United States National Archives to explore your family's ancestry.

Resources for Genealogists and Family Historians

There are many free genealogy sites available on the web. Here is a handy reference of 10 of the largest and most useful free family history sites from

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This is a great site for learning about genealogy research in the UK and Ireland.

GENUKI - wonderful site

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Quotes: "We are who we are because they were who they were." #quotes #genealogy

Family Heritage Starts and Ends with Planning a Family Reunion

Genealogy Sites

Teach Me Genealogy

Ever wonder how people come to the conclusion that someone is their third cousin twice removed? Here is a concise description on how that works and a cousin sheet worth printing out, just in case you don't already have a relationship calculator. Here is a link to a relationship calculator:

Cousin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Birth Death Marriage Genealogy Records Ireland - Irish Family History Foundation

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Ireland's Largest Family Records Database

Irish Birth Death Marriage Records for Ireland

great primary sources

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Ancestor Hunt #genealogy

Pinned from Great resource for death records and census. Take advantage of the advance search method.

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Free Genealogy Tools

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Questions to help you write your own personal history. Fun stuff! I would love to know this stuff about my grandparents.

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Genealogy Trails--their goal is to help track ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data for the free use of all researchers; free data by state

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American Family Immigration History Center. Explore Your Family History at Ellis Island.

Passenger Search - A free genealogy site for locating ancestors; free obituary searches, free obituary collections, free obituary archives, large genealogy data library; find missing people.

free genealogy site, obituary searches, library of files


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Family History and Genealogy

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State by State index of church records transcribed by volunteers from US GenWeb

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Irish Genealogy

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Pennsylvania State Archives

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