handwriting ideas...for bulletin boards and posters

handwriting ideas for bulletin boards and posters.because we always want make our letter look cute but never have anything to copy off of! art journal,Craft Ideas,Crafts and Handmade Gifts,crafty,DIY & Crafts tha

white crayon, water colors. would be really pretty framed with your favorite quote.

White crayon and water colors. You could use white crayon to draw a Westie and have the watercolor surrounding it!

How to make alcohol inks, shimmer mists, mod podge and more.

Birgit's Daily Bytes: How to make your own Alcohol Inks, Shimmer Mists, Mod Podge and more - just a really cool creative site with good ideas


Sometimes I'm terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts. ~Edgar Allen Poe // **that constant hunger of the heart.is that what I'm feeling when I ignore my creative side?

Put down masking tape before doodling and painting. Remove and then journal in the spaces.  Cool idea!

Peony and Parakeet: Masking Tape Magic.Put down masking tape before doodling and painting. Remove and then journal in the spaces- tutorial.

great journaling idea

What a great thing to add to my journaling and how fun it would be to do with the girls. Smashbook - Even if it got filled out once a month, what a journal it would be - i'd like to do this with my students so they can see how they change in one year

107 ways to inspire creativity

107 ways to inspire creativity

Creative minds don't just feed themselves. We don't just wake up every day with a pile of creativity gushing out of every pore. Sometimes we might wake up with a brilliant idea but even then, if we don't write it down or tell someone, chances are tha

Great journal pages

Purple and blue color combination in these flowers and angel look lovely. Would make a lovely painting with a different composition outlay.

blog series of 50 things to put into a notebook

A list of fifty things -- besides lined notebooking pages -- that you can put into a homeschool notebook.

Birgit's Daily Bytes: Art Journaling

Birgit's Daily Bytes: Art Journaling- Washi tape substitutes - very effective and easy!