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Making a 10 to Add ideas and resources that make this tricky concept way easier

Making a 10 to Add is a great math strategy to help students mentally add bigger numbers. It& a skill I picked up somewhere along the way i.

Simple little coin game. Place coins in a bag, have kids pull them out one at a time and graph them. Good for coin recognition.

Coin Grab: fill a little cloth bag with an assortment of coins (you could also fill a paper lunch bag or little purse). Students take turns pull out a coin and graph it on their sheet. They do not grab a whole handful of coins at once-this is important to

Money games for kids - this one they roll the coin dice and a regular dice to add like coins

Teaching Money - Roll the coin dice and a regular dice to tell you how many of each coin to add together - such fun practice! Or roll twice for each line to add 2 coin sets.