Mediterranean feel in Campania, Italy  *** I love this:)

Pretty sure this is a disney movie: Arch of flowers at Castello Aragonese in Ischia, Italy

Tuscan. Rustic. Inviting.

On my small porch I could get a thick rubber mat, put holes in it, glue river rocks onto it. Maybe make a border around the outside perimeter of the porch where I then place container gardens.

Hobbit home!

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⌂ Hobbit Homes ⌂ The Judges Awards, Villa Vals, Switzerland

Oooh! It's a hobbit house!

(I just love the colorful interior of this cob home!) An eclectic home doesn't have to be a cluttered home. This cob home proves you can still live simply in an exciting space.

Robert Held, Peacock, art glass

Robert Held, Peacock, art glass…And MUCH to my JOY, Robert Held has re-opened his studio just 20 minutes from my home in Nanoose Bay!

thunderstorm room

A thunderstorm room.someday I would love a room like this. How amazing would that be to sit under glass and listen to the pounding of the rain. And I love the dark framing of the room. Makes the outside like living art on the "walls".


imagine the stars! Enjoying the Ocean view from your bedroom.Big Sur Glass Roof Yurt Built in 1976

Wow, Garay House by Swatt Miers Architects

California-based architectural firm Swatt Miers Architects have designed the Garay House. Completed in this contemporary home is located in Tiburon, California, USA.