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11 items 2 weeks of clothing. travel light. With a white dress being worn so often, it's going to need a few washes! I'd remove the chinos, add one more dress, a skirt / shorts and done!

11 items, 2 weeks of clothing. I'd replace the jeans with black pants, and the dress would be black with tights for winter travel. The khaki pants would be jeans

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I like how this is set up; it works well for how my brain works. Multifunctional garments are the best!

✈️ 3 weeks / 1 carry on suitcase I saved this when I was looking into capsule wardrobes - I am not great at mixing different pieces so this is supposed to be inspiration.

awesome 25 Yellow Dresses and Accessories to Die for                                 242420392420912935

10 wardrobe staples for spring, styled 10 different ways. These timeless neutrals, watercolor prints and micro stripes are the perfect mix-and-match pieces. We’re taking notes for that weekend getaway where wardrobe versatility and packing light is a must