Doctor Who and other almost as cool things

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Renee Hoffman's Dr. Who quilt masterpiece. Stunning!!! Click the image or the link below to go & look at the details.

Quilts of a Feather: TARDIS Quilt finished - this is a stunning doctor who quilt!

Shower Or Dalek?

At Paddington Station, London, there are facilities for men, women, the disabled and Daleks. Via Wendy hall

#Yoga for Your Jiggly Bits

Yoga for Your Jiggly Bits

Wearing this dress this weekend and kind of excited! - REPIN IT TO WIN IT! Repin your favorite summer RTR Dress from our Repin it to Win it board and YOU could win a free dress rental of that style!

Love the pleated, striped skirt on this Kate Spade dress at Rent the Runway

Casual Vacancy to become BBC One drama, tentative air date in 2014. - JK Rowling holds new novel

JK Rowling novel to be TV drama

Author JK Rowling poses with her latest book, The Casual Vacancy, on 27 September,

"Jeremy Clarkson scarecrow"...this is amazing.

Jeremy Clarkson scarecrow slows village traffic

Northumberland village reduces speed using a hi-vis jacket, bobby’s helmet… and JC’s face

Former Doctors hold their Royal Mail stamps - lovely! Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Paul McGann

Day in pictures: 26 March 2013

A Dalek straw sculpture in England - BBC News

Day in pictures: 1 August 2013

A Dalek straw sculpture can be seen in a field in nantwich in Cheshire, UK.

Skyfall teaser trailer premiered today!

The James Bond film series is celebrating its anniversary with Skyfall, the official Bond movie.

The Doctor is joined by Mr. Weasley.  Eat you heart out, nerds.

The Doctor is joined by Mr. Eat you heart out, nerds.