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The dance moms girls,as Disney characters

Dance Moms princess look alikes

The Basic Shapes in Gymnastics and Why they are Important

A picture and description of the basic gymnastics shapes that show up over and over in gymnastics skills. Also gymnastics skills that use these basic shapes.

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This is oddly accurate for my best friend, boyfriend and me. Im an Aries>>virgo>>Pisces

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I just got a calendar like last week and I went straight to my birthday month. Haha I do that all the time! I hate it when I get a calendar and I hate the picture for my birthday month!


What is a panic attack? A panic attack is a sudden attack of exaggerated anxiety and fear. Often, attacks happen without warning and without any apparent

That happened to me every single day in middle school. I sat with people who I thought were my friends. I finally got smart enough to leave them and I'm glad I did cuz now me and my best friend have the time of our lives everyday at lunch

that is the reason why i walk around the cafeteria and wait for someone else to be the first person. < I do that everyday! Except now my best friend is in in Advisory but still!

I wonder, where they productively applied the other half? :-) Paul

Haha okay this isn't totally true, but its funny!

5 things that annoy me : instead of earbuds it's a book. People like to talk to me when I'm trying to read a BOOK.

Number 5 is so relatable with me and dancing with the stars

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i love dogs way more than cats. Medium - small dogs are best

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Beagle - Dog in a shopping cart