Lara Hiddleston

Lara Hiddleston

Lara Hiddleston
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Well that escalated quickly

That last picture makes me laugh everytime I see it>>> the doctor is like, ' woah bro get away from my face, you creepy man.

The Supernatural cast everyone

I'm sorry, but who would have been stupid enough to try and fight Jared and Jensen? <--- stupid drunk men apparently (no surprise really, people do stupid things when under the influence) but Jared and Jensen are awesome

Jensen & Misha catch things (gif)

Click through to see gif! Jensen & Misha catch things (gif) Jensen doesn't even have to try at all! It just like falls into his hand haha.

Does the BBC only have one script?

Ah the parallels between Sherlock and Doctor Who - understandable since Moffet is in charge of both.//well, to be fair, the writer is same.