Would you believe this wall sconce was made from a skull-shaped vodka bottle? Follow normal DIY sconce instructions but swap in a skull glass for a spooky spin.

Skull Sconces

Lighting Expert Creates a Spooky Skull Wall Sconce From Recycled 'Crystal Head Vodka' Bottles

Absinthe Label & Print - Adam Hill / Velcrosuit - Graphic Design & Illustration

Adam Hill - illustration - The Cape Town Tattoo Expo in conjunction with Jorgensen's Distillery invited artists to create one-off Absinthe labels as part of the Victorian Oddities exhibition.

Skull tree

This skull was carved out of a dead tree ( dead and skulls go together, as where you have one, you have the other ) 💀🌳

Add Some Macabre to Your Fireplace With Skull-Shaped Logs

Skull Fireplace Logs: Macabre For Your Fire Pit

These are the Myard DELUXE Imitated Human Skull Logs for use in natural gas or liquid propane fireplaces/pits. Each skull is made from heat-tolerant ceramic and lava granules, layered over a steel.

Tiny skulls from jewellery designer Shinji Nakaba, which are all crafted out of pearls.

This artist carves skulls out of pearls

Tokyo-based jewelry designer, Shinji Nakaba, creates these delicate-looking skull rings and skull brooches. Artist carves pearls into teeny-tiny skull jewelry

“Whenever someone asks me what I do, I can’t just tell them, ‘I crystallize dead shit.’”

This dude combines chemistry and art to create darkly beautiful creations

"Whenever someone asks me what I do, I can't just tell them, I crystallize dead shit" Tyler Thrasher

Beautiful function. Remarkable artificial Victorian limb from the Science Museum

150 Year Old Victorian Prosthetic Hand. true life if this is what prosthetics looked like today i would be pumped to lose a hand

Death in the Afternoon~ Invented by Ernest Hemingway ~ Absinthe, Champagne and a sugar cube #cocktail #recipe #drinks

Death in the Afternoon~ Invented by Ernest Hemingway ~ Absinthe, Champagne and a sugar cube; I think it'd be great to drink one of these in a Paris absinthe bar.

Takato Yamamoto. Japanese artist.

Takato Yamamoto. Japanese artist.