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Yes. Totally doing this, it bugs me to death when women chop their hair off short as soon as it turns grey, can't wait for mine to grow in

I really love this length of hair. My short hair now is fun and funky while I'm waiting for the silver to come in....but I miss long hair! The length shown here will be my goal as soon as the nasty dyed stuff has grown out!

I have decided to stop torturing my hair with chemicals and let nature take its course and all these gorgeous grey haired women are my inspiration :)

This is pretty much what my hair is doing now. I may accentuate the chunky silver streaks.

Now that I have gray hair, I want to update my style. Grow long or styled in a cute bob? Time to create a collection of beautiful silver hair styles.

Premature gray hair, mostly salt and pepper looks beautiful and doesn't not age you. Ditch the dye.