If you don't have time to take your team out for manicures, try a Pamper Jar! Fill it with things personalized to each Team Member. Try manicure supplies (files, clippers, nail polish). Or hand moisturizer and fragrant sanitizer for others.

DIY Mason Jar Manicure Set & Lantern

End of year teacher appreciation gift (or hostess gift) – DIY Mason Jar Manicure Kit AND Lantern. TidbitsandTwine End of year teacher appreciation gift (or hostess gift) – DIY Mason…

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Don't really like how the infinity sign looks, but I love the patterns around it.

All I have to say is I LOVE IT I Wish someone could teach me how to draw like this. I Love how the things behind that infinity sign pop out


Maltipoo // the only small dog id willingly own simply beacuse it looks like a teddy bear

No one can travel down the road of our wounds for us..Robert A. Williams —  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=571956949503035=a.337553406276725.84687.337438772954855=1

~ Swinging Beneath a Heart Shaped Moon - ~ Fantasy Landscape Art Print by Jaime Best ~I want to transform this into a more possitive theme with two kids on the swing that is attached to both trees that are bent into a heart shape

original draw

doodle inspiration for next time I'm fidgiting in art history. hey, yah still need inspiration for doodles. My mom has these same exact markers. I absolutely love to use them!

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Quick Christmas Gifts

cute and simple gift idea for girlfriends - plastic washable starbucks cup, gift card, nail polish, and chapstick or lipgloss.

Where To Buy Cool, Affordable Art Online That'll Totally Revive Your Pad #refinery29

Wall Art - Cheap Prints, Paintings and Posters 2013

The 21 best websites for affordable, beautiful artwork; I feel like I could do this as a DIY

I didn't think much of golden retrievers until recent years and now I think they are just the sweetest little things!

50 Cute Puppies I Adore

Today’s Ridiculously Cute Dog is causing us cuteness overload. This little pup is visiting the beach and has an adorable red collar.