This Mean Girls mash-up. | 14 Pictures Only "The Vampire Diaries" Fans Will Think Are Funny
Vampire Diaries - Damon
The Vampire Diaries TVD 6x13 - Kai, Damon and Elena
Pretty much, yes. Ian Somerhalder <3 I scram every time I watch that episode.
Talked about his hair. Figured it had to be you. Damon Stephan vampire diaries tvd funny Damon quotes
My favorites in TVD
So true

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Vampire Diaries & The Originals ♥
Paul & Ian. if i could change it, it would say "the brother who tried to be good. And the brother who pretended to be evil."
The Vampire Diaries/ Damon Salvatore mixed with Mean Girls while being honest about how annoying Elena is! Love this!!
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I just can't choose between the two!
Wish I could pull this off...just killing people when I get mad.
Johnny depp always has wise words to say. This is why Johnny Depp is my fav. actor out theree
The Vampire Diaries - I've actually never seen this show but this just made me crack up for whatever reason.