Channing Tatum

Men’s always want to look stunning and now a day’s men’s spend lots on time in the gym. They always try to make the body look more attractive and cool. Check these 30 Hot Guy Show Off Their Sexy Body. Also see Casual And Funky Looks for Summer}

Four Cowboys

Save a horse, ride a cowboy :).I don't know how to ride a horse anyway lol

Anyone have any matches?

South Florida Firefighters - Oh, my bad, I wasn't supposed to light candles near my curtains? Fire fighters in south florida are old chubby hispanic men. Just like our old southern mustachio cops

Alessandro Terrin, Italian Olympic swimmer

Alessandro Terrin, Italian Olympic swimmer (DAMN this guy is HOT!

Christiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo- soccer player, Irina Shayk's man and super delicious (rumored to be gay but who cares)!

Josh Duhamel

Afternoon eye candy: Josh Duhamel (21 photos)

Collin Farrell

Colin Farrell is not only one of my favorite actors, but a guy who knows how to successfully pull off "man jewelry"