Gypsy horse

Duke is a 2006 sooty buckskin Gypsy Vanner stallion. He has had extensive training with world renown trainer Diane Rossi. She has suggested that he be the next carousal horse. Duke is one of only two mature sooty buckskin stallions in the U.




The Newfoundland is a vibrant breed who adores being around people and wants to be included in all aspects of family life. Newfoundlands are best served by active people who love being outdoors, and they get along fabulously with children.

Un árabe

Arabian Horses, looks just like Sir Sir, who I learned how to ride on!

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I love blue pits, poor guys have such a bad rap.  I believe they are made not born to be mean.

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a frenchie in coach legacy it would be better on my cute poodles!!

I love this pic. It's from an old Coach catalog. I've had the page cut out hanging on my fridge for years. The sweater was called the Coach Legacy Stripe Dog Sweater.