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flagship poster. its a mantra. its a hack. its a yummy yummy thing that works every time 80% of the time

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Charming a person to mentor you is critical. It is a signature move I track MMPPI

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This is a recipe. Violate this recipe and the desired outcome (disrupting the dealership service person overcharging you) Skipping a step and the desired outcome will simply not happen

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pay special attn to the updated poster. there is a pattern that you can replicate. This is momentum you can generate as a #csMajorCEO

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Gua Gua Guacamole and Lemonade = Yummy Mini Companies that dont fail

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Speak at a conference you are crashing with your University of California Engineering degree.

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Every step matters in a Gua Gua Guacamole recipe. CLUELESS QUESTION: Can u Tell me the ONE thing you would do to reprogram the key fob. ME: Oh, the one thing I would do is the 37 things I would do. Skip one and the guacamole effs up.

This is what I use to engineer up a Tidal Wave of Momentum at SXSW.

This is what old people see you the undergrad as (sometimes). When seasoned execs see you like this, they will not mentor you. Read this so that you avoid mentee mistakes and here

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