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Amazing Container Gardening!

Learn About Cutting Edge Gardening Techniques! The Self Watering Rain Gutter Grow System, The Kiddie Pool Grow System,The Pop Bottle Garden, also the Hybrid Underground Rain Gutter Grow System! And More!

Amazing Container Gardening!

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The Gro-Matic Deck And Patio Planter! " Plant It And Forget It"

The Gro-Matic Deck And Patio Planter! " Plant It And Forget It"
  • Georgiana Salter
    Georgiana Salter

    Those are awesome!!! Just a little too much out of my price range...I wonder how I could DIY hack it (total construction idiot here) to get something similar?

  • Debbie Giardini
    Debbie Giardini

    Georgiana..i would think this watering system could be most any container with holes drilled...or hammer & keep it from flooding..and the plants in the bags....he originally used reusable wal mart shopping bags. this is just off the ground for easy access. and they have also used kiddie pools to put bags in too....again has holes to keep from flooding a few inches from bottom...look at larrys you tube clips

New Product Release Date 11/21/2014 Please Check Out Our Web Site www.growbaggarden...

  • y. norton
    y. norton

    Love this idea AND the credits at the end... :-)

  • Larry Hall
    Larry Hall


I would really appreciate it if you would check out our New Web Site! www.growbaggarden... Get everything you need to build your own Rain Gutter Grow System or Kiddie pool/ Hybrid Grow System! Net cups, Float valves, Root Pouch Grow Bags and all the accessories you might need! Also check out our Facebook Rain Gutter Grow System Group Page! Some of the friendliest gardeners you will ever meet!

News Flash! Exciting Developments For the Rain Gutter Grow System! Also ...

  • ChristyK


  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen

    Thank you

  • Val Rowland
    Val Rowland

    Wow Larry, You have inspired so many people. Congratulations and good luck! This is Val in England.

  • Ron webb
    Ron webb

    couldn't happened to a nicer guy,congratulations

Incredible Growth In My Hybrid Grow Bag Garden! Wow!

Huge Red Bell Peppers Grown In a 1 Gallon Grow Bag! You Won't Believe This!

  • Manuel Silva
    Manuel Silva

    I like the idea of the grow bag. How can I make one. What are the measurements? Thank you

  • Maria C
    Maria C

    I just stumbled upon your videos. They're very informative and for the novice gardener that I am, but what are grow bags? Thank you!

  • Manuel Silva
    Manuel Silva

    They are bags made of breathable fabric that allow water to wick up to the roots and allow air pruning of the roots. Check out Larry Hall on YouTube and Pinterest

People Everywhere Raising Sweet Corn In The Kiddie Pool System! Wow!

Foxhole Homes Builds Impressive Hybrid Rain Gutter Grow System for Local...

Update! Huge Growth! The Self Watering Grow Bag Garden!

  • Grant Jones
    Grant Jones

    Larry I need your help. I want to do the barrel tower and I not quit sure how to do it. could you help me?

Totally Unbelievable Growth From A Cucumber Plant In A 1 Gallon Grow Bag...

  • Linda Brown
    Linda Brown

    Getting started on this as we speak.

  • Larry Hall
    Larry Hall


Farm Show Magazine Does A Great Article On the Rain Gutter Grow System! ...

What A Fantastic Self Watering Grow Bag Garden System! You Have Got To S...

  • Becky Fontenot
    Becky Fontenot

    How do they keep the water in the pools from getting algae?

Merle Cain from Eugene, Oregon and his Explosive Kiddie Pool Grow System...

  • Jim

    Very interesting

Raising Perennials In The Rain Gutter Grow System! This Is Going To Be FUN!

Explosive Growth From Plants In 1 Gallon Grow Bags! WOW!


    thank you for all your hard work garry

Worlds Fastest And Easiest Way To Make Kale Chips! Super Crispy!

  • Becky Fontenot
    Becky Fontenot

    Microwaves change the molecular structure of food. Research this for yourself. Kinda defeats the purpose of eating something as healthy as kale chips. I do love all your videos, though. You are a great teacher, Mr. Hall.

A Unbelievable Rain Gutter Grow System Hybrid! A Phenomenal Design! WOW!

  • Armand Alovera
    Armand Alovera

    Good job Michael.

  • carol brecht
    carol brecht

    great idea. Has anyone added up the coast to build this system?

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The Rain Gutter Grow System Goes To The Big Apple! A High School Grows I...