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Oh thanks. I didn't need my heart or anything considering it just crumbled into DUST. It's all good.

"Thor made Loki a promise once, and now all of our hearts are broken. I didn't really need my heart anyway. :'( //And I broke a promise too - to conceal and not to feel when confronted by Loki feels.

Loki doesn't appreciate it

Loki doesn't appreciate it

Post by Mark Ruffalo on fb which I believe to be Tom Hiddleston, Taika Waititi, and Chris Hemsworth catching a quick nap. This may be one of the best pics ever taken. <3

Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in a puppy nap pile during Thor: Ragnarok filming.

Selene introducing Artemis to the other gods and... - Port of Zelda

Selene introducing Artemis to the other gods and goddesses for the first time at the annual Moon Deity Meeting *see Helios introduce Apollo to the SUN DEITIES HERE [X] I picked a few moon deities to.

I'll Tell You a Secret by on @DeviantArt

monthly lucky drawing winner's sketch request~ lately all I have are sketches . OvOllll *still working on Hephaestus comic pages Orz To see mo.

Gemini, Saga, Saint Seiya