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    Fluency Apps (Stuttering Therapy)

    Fluency Apps (Stuttering Therapy)

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    Fluency Measurement ($? - FREE on 4/27/14) Fluency Measurement by Express SLP is a tool for a speech-language pathologist (SLP) to quickly collect and analyze a speech sample for stuttering and other speech disfluencies. Types of disfluencies include: sound/syllable repetitions, word repetitions, prolongations, blocks, broken words, phrase revisions, and interjections.

    Fluency Measurement

    Fluency SIS ($10.99) for school age children who stutter aged eight years to twelve years. It provides a framework for a program which encourages creativity and humor during intervention sessions. The SIS consists of four components and different activities are included. The Four Components of the ‘Smart Intervention Strategy’ are: a) Think Smart, Feel Smart b) Cool Speech c) Challenge the Dragons d) Into the ‘Real’ World.

    Fluency SIS on the App Store on iTunes

    Turtle Talk ($4.99) no available ratings -designed for children who have a fast rate of speech & imprecise articulation. Visual cues help your child/client pace their speech. Choose a conversation topic & answer conversation questions using the Paceboard. Press & hold down on a turtle & say a syllable or word. When the turtle has completely filled with color & turned around, they can then move on. If they move on to soon, 'Too Quick' flashes.

    Turtle Talk on the App Store on iTunes

    StutterTalk: Changing how you think about stuttering ($0.00) podcast - StutterTalk is dedicated to supporting people who stutter, their families, professionals, students, and the general public by talking openly about stuttering and by providing information about stuttering. We address the loneliness and isolation of stuttering by talking about it.

    StutterTalk: Changing how you think about stuttering

    Language Trainer ($14.99) for working on vocabulary, word finding, stuttering, and receptive or expressive language therapy. Activities include: Picture Identification, Picture Naming, Divergent Naming, and Sentence Completion. When the session is complete, a simple touch to the home button brings the app to the reports area.

    Language Trainer

    MyLynel ($0.00 with iAP options) FIVE FREE therapy packs to help practice different techniques. THIRTY unique speech drills in each. UNLIMITED live sessions to practice the transfer of skills to real-life conversations.

    MyLynel on the App Store on iTunes

    DAF/FAF Aid ($12.99) implements the methods DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback) and FAF (Frequency Altered Feedback) that have been shown to significantly reduce stuttering for most people who stutter. The app works by recording the speech through your headset, applying these methods and playing the modified audio back to you.

    DAF/FAF Aid on the App Store on iTunes

    MyLynel ($0.00 with iAP options) FIVE FREE therapy packs to help practice different techniques. THIRTY unique speech drills in each. UNLIMITED live sessions to practice the transfer of skills to real-life conversations. MANY MORE therapy packs for practice through in-app purchases. Enables the learning of common fluency shaping & stuttering modification techniques via practice of speech-drills at home & transfer to real-life conversations. • BioFeedback

    MyLynel on the App Store on iTunes

    Speech4Good (normally19.99 is FREE today 3/29/13!!!! Get it now!) With the touch of a button, Speech4Good is the best way to monitor, record and share your speech therapy experience. Speech4Good is designed for speech-language pathologists and speech therapists to help students with stuttering, fluency, articulation, aphasia and other speech impediments. Features: ✔ SpeechCenter: a visual dashboard for your practice ✔ Digital Speech Graph (oscilloscope or spectogram) in real-time

    Speech4Good on the App Store on iTunes

    Students can practice choral reading to build fluency using the iPrompt iPad app. Choose a famous text – or one you and your students have written – and cut and paste it into the app. Change the font size and speed of delivery to meet the needs of your students. Have students read in unison or act as a timekeeper for another child. It’s a great way to connect to the Speaking and Listening anchor standards of the Common Core. $0.00

    5 Free Apps For Classrooms With A Single iPad - Edudemic

    Stuttering Fact Sheet - very objective, good for parents and teachers.

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    QuickVoice App used for Fluency Checks: www.technologytai...

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    What Every Parent Should Know About Stuttering - Simply Stavish

    SpeakBeat Metronome - The only one that counts! ($0.99 on sale 12-22-12 ) [May be useful for fluency] uses a spoken count instead of ticks or clicks that makes it easy to follow along and keep track of where you are in the bar. Great for music students and teachers! Choose a voice, a time signature and a tempo, and you're ready to go. You can add sub-beats, a count-in and more! SpeakBeat will allow you to focus on the material, rather than keeping the beat.

    SpeakBeat Metronome - The only one that counts!

    SpeechPacer Plus ($4.99) Pacing is a technique employed by professionals and parents to help students/children slow down their speech, and by so doing, increase their fluency and intelligibility. Traditionally, a child would tap on a pacing ‘board’ (piece of wood divided into segments); once, for each word or syllable he/she verbalized. With this Speech Pacer Plus App, the physical wooden board is replaced by buttons on the screen.

    Speech Pacer Plus

    Smooth Talker ($2.99) Specially developed for speech & language pathologists (SLPs) & parents of children that have fluency issues. Smooth Talker aides therapists & parents by putting the power of a dedicated hardware device into their hands. A detailed video can be viewed online here: smoothtalker.shao...

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    Fluency Exam ($4.99) offers useful functionalities in assessing one’s speech fluency. It can be easily used to record speech disfluency identified by the user for further analysis, including the quantification of normal and disfluent speech in words and percentage. More intuitively, the speech samples can be rated in five levels by the user for the naturalness in relation to the degree and frequency of disfluency. Level 5 means natural speech while Level 1 implies unnatural.

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    Speech4Good ($19.99) Speech4Good is an amazingly interactive speech therapy app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With the touch of a button, Speech4Good is the best way to monitor, record and share your speech therapy experience. Key features: ✔ SpeechCenter: a visual dashboard for your practice ✔ Digital Speech Graph (oscilloscope) in real time ✔ Delayed auditory feedback (DAF) at adjustable levels ✔ Record, add notes, and playback your practice

    Speech4Good on the App Store on iTunes

    MPiStutter ($999.00!!) MPiStutter is an app supporting Modifying Phonation Intervals (MPI) stuttering therapy. It analyzes the user's vocal fold activity and trains him or her to eliminate too-rapid speech elements and speak fluently at a normal speaking rate.

    MPiStutter on the App Store on iTunes

    The Stammurai ($0.00) Ever wondered if you had what it took to be a Samurai? One young man did, the best in his class, he conquered all his demons except one, his stammer, with it he struggled to say his cool finishing moves in front of his vanquished foes. So one day he decides to go on a quest to find his voice and become the hero he always wanted to be. Made by young people 13-18 who struggle every day with speech fluency issues.

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    Breathe2Relax ($0.00) Breathe2Relax is a portable stress management tool which provides detailed information on the effects of stress on the body and instructions and practice exercises to help users learn the stress management skill called diaphragmatic breathing.Breathing exercises have been documented to decrease the body’s ‘fight-or-flight’ (stress) response, and help with mood stabilization, anger control, and anxiety management.

    Breathe2Relax on the App Store on iTunes

    Speech Zapper ($0.00) Speech Zapper utilizes psychological finding that when you hear your voice played back to you with a delay of a fraction of a second you will start stuttering and eventually have to stop speaking. The effect is what psychologists call Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF). It is normally used to help patients with stuttering problem talk normally, but when used on normal person it make it almost impossible for the person to talk.

    Speech Zapper on the App Store on iTunes

    Fluency Journal ($9.99) Fluency Journal allows speech therapists, educational professionals, and parents to record and rate stuttering behaviors and dysfluent moments. With Fluency Journal, users can establish an individual profile for each speaker for logging stuttering behavior. Percentage of stuttering moments can be calculated instantly and automatically. Reports of fluency characteristics, combined with sound tracks of speaker’s production can be exported to others.

    Fluency Journal

    Disfluency+ ($4.99) track your students progress during a speech therapy session. Start by adding a student, press the "F" button every time a fluent syllable is said and press the "D" button every time a disfluent syllable is said. The following data points are saved every time: • Student Name • The date the session was started • The total time of the session • Number of fluent syllables • Number of disfluent syllables • Total number of syllables • Percentage of disfluent syllables

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    SLP-Dysfluency-Plus ($2.99) a tool designed by an SLP for on-line fluency evaluation. This application not only tracks ‘Fluent’ vs ‘Dysfluent’ words/syllables, but also, categorizes dysfluencies into the 3 common core behaviours: Repetitions, Prolongations & Blocks. Dysfluency Plus Index Counter provides the following results: 1. Total Fluent words/syllables 2. Total words/syllables 3. Totals for each of the following core behaviours: a.Repetitions b.Prolongations c.Blocks