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Reading/Phonics/Phonemic Awareness Apps

Reading/Phonics/Phonemic Awareness Apps

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Epic! - Books for Kids by Epic! Creations Inc ($0.00 plus subscription of $4.99/mo after first month free) With thousands of books available now and more titles added each week, Epic! has been called the “Netflix of kids books” -Audio enabled “read-to-me” books -Online and offline reading (take Epic! in a car, on a plane, or camping) -Multiple profiles = a personalized reading experience for every kid in the family -A detailed reading log to track reading progress

Epic! - Books for Kids

Get ready for kindergarten

[Not an app, online resource] Reading Bear - A Great Free Resource of Reading Lessons for Kids ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

11 Best reading apps for kids: Cool Mom Tech back to school tech guide 2014

Best reading apps for kids: Back to school tech guide 2014

Hooked on Phonics Reading Pro Classroom Edition ($19.99 - sale $0.99 9/24/14) geared for older, tech savvy students who read at a Second Grade and up reading level. With multi-user capabilities for as many as 25 learners, the app teaches strategies for decoding multi-syllable words, and allows students to practice those strategies by reading both fiction and non-fiction stories and chapter books.

Hooked on Phonics Reading Pro Classroom Edition

13 Apps & Sites to Find Informational Text-  If you’re looking for sites that include nonfiction passages or high-interest articles here are a few worth exploring: Experience America HD Magazine Scholastic News Life on Earth Wilson Center Readworks Newsela Explore the Galaxy Abraham Lincoln DK Readers Time for Kids Penguin Leveled Readers People HD News-O-Matic

13 Apps & Sites to Find Informational Text

Running Record Toolbox ($0.99) Punch in how many total words, errors & self-corrections your student made & press CALCULATE. An accuracy %, error ratio & self-correction ratio will be displayed! Use our symbol cheat sheet to remind yourself how to record exactly what each of your readers is doing! Marking conventions provided. WPM stopwatch & calculator included to keep an eye on fluency rate.

Running Record Toolbox

Jolly Phonics ($4.99) enables your child to learn the letter sounds (including digraphs), letter formation, blending the sounds for reading & identifying letter sounds in words for spelling & writing. For children aged 3+ - American or British English Audio - Allows multiple & personalized profiles - learn main sounds in English. • hear/recognize the letter sounds • see letter formation • write the letters • blend sounds in words for reading • identify sounds in words

Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds

11-apps-promote-close-reading-of-a-text from teachthought

11 iPad Apps That Promote Close-Reading

Bud's Rhyming Words - Kids learn word families, CVC, short & long vowel words ($3.99 - sale 7/18/14 1.99) Let the kids pick & click or catch the match in 3 wonderful rhyming games, which covers 40 word families through more than 225 words and pictures. Develops phonemic awareness - Enriches vocabulary - Helps progress with reading - Develops literary skills - Teaches recognition of word patterns - Teaches recognition of letter and word sounds ages 4-9.

Fluency Timer Pro ($0.99) an adjustable timer that automatically records students' fluency readings for playback and sharing. ust press record and the app will automatically stop at the end of one minute (or whatever time you select). Simple enough for even students to use. Name your file and play it back or delete it. Use fluency passages that are already a part of their education program or use hundreds of free passages downloadable from the Fluency Timer support site.

Fluency Timer Pro

Preschoolers ABC Playground PRO - A Read and Write Learning App with Fun Animals for Kids ($3.99) As your little ones are learning their letters you can show them how they are written and how they fit together to make words. As your child’s confidence increases, gives them a way to both learn practice writing reading. • Letter sounds names • Upper lower case letters • Alphabetical order • Put letters together to create words • How to write both upper lower case letters

fun_with_phonics The best Phonics apps to teach your kids how to read and spell with Phonics from Appy Mall

Summer of Fun & Learning - Best Phonics Apps - Appy Mall

Touch and Write Storybook: 3 Bears ($2.99) on each page of the story, children master the story vocabulary using our engaging "Touch and Write" reading and writing activities. By the end of the story, children will have mastered almost 200 important vocabulary words, learned the phonics pronunciations of each word's letters! Children can listen to the lines of the story as they are highlighted, tap hear individual words, tap around the illustration to learn new vocabulary.

Touch and Write Storybook: 3 Bears

Spellyfish Phonics - Short A Words ($2.99) learn phonics & the primary letter sounds & letter names for the alphabet. Learn how words can be broken up into separate sounds & how the letter sounds can be blended together to form short words. Also learn how to recognize both the lower & upper case letters of the alphabet. Learn about the starting sounds of words & how the ending sounds of words can make some words rhyme w/ each other.

Spellyfish Phonics - Short A Words

Rhyming Words ($0.99) children will be presented with one or eight pairs of items and they have to figure out which items rhyme. 100+ matching pairs of words that rhyme - Customize min and max # of items every item is fully customizable (text, audio, and image). You can also add your own matching pairs!

Rhyming Words on the App Store on iTunes

Blending Sounds 1 Pro : Easily teach students to read first words with phonics ($19.99 This app is Australian! US and UK accents coming in the next update) NEW no ratings yet - Helps beginning readers to use letter-sound knowledge to read words. iPad 2 or higher - includes a large library of CVC, CCVC and CVCC words and is fully customisable, making it easy to set up custom activities to teach students to read specific word types (such as words ending in -at, or words beginning with st-).

ABCDiversity ($0.99 - Sale FREE 6/5/14) “ABCDiversity is a simple alphabet app but with features that make it very appealing to children from different backgrounds and ethnicities. In addition to an introduction to initial letter sounds, the illustrations provide opportunity to explore diversity in our communities.” – The Appy Ladies Recommended for 2- to 5-years-old kids.

ABCDiversity on the App Store on iTunes

APP Phonics Island: ABCs First Phonics and Letter Sounds School Adventure vol 1 - Value and Savings with Hope ($1.99)

Whizzimo ($0.00) a powerful, easy-to-use, and fully customizable digital teaching platform for multisensory reading and spelling instruction. accounts are FREE for educators, students, and parents - MULTIPLATFORM SOLUTION FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE MULTISENSORY LEARNING READING-SYSTEM FRIENDLY

Whizzimo on the App Store on iTunes

Whizzimo- Deliver instruction using any tablet or computer. USE ANY READING SYSTEM SMARTBOARD COMPATIBLE FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Get instant access to every tile you need in the tile drawer. Or even change the tiles’ fonts and colors. Designed to support your current instructional routine.

Whizzimo: Say Hello To Your New Teacher's Assistant!

WordBuilder : Learn Letter Sound Patterns for Reading and Spelling Australian, American and British English ($19.99) does not read or spell words for students but helps you to teach students to use letter-sound patterns to read and spell words for themselves! - build words with letter-sound tiles for the student to read, or say a word for the student to build

Hideout: Early Reading ($0.00) teaches kids how to read through a series of fun activities that emphasize letter-sound association and word repetition. These activities make use of blending and reading short vowel words within meaningful contexts. Interactive activities highlight a core of words that share a phonic pattern. Engaging activities, set within relevant situations, provide meaning and purpose for reading and creating words.

Hideout: Early Reading

Word Wall HD ($1.99) Word Wall helps early to beginning readers learn to read and write by: •Hearing, visualizing, vocally repeating and writing down letters and words. •Providing activities that cater to budding readers using multiple learning styles such as spatial, visual, tactile, language-oriented, logical, or rhythmic. •Engaging kids with four well-designed reading games that reinforce recognition of age appropriate sight and word family words.

Word Wall HD on the App Store on iTunes

Word Machine 3 ($0.99) Read out phonics - When this is on, phonics for the word are sounded out whenever a new word appears. > Reader Level - Choose the level you want your child to work on. a simple and practical educational app with a 1000 common words and their phonemes with full pronunciation support.

Word Machine 3 on the App Store on iTunes