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Reading/Phonics/Phonemic Awareness Apps

Hideout: Early Reading ($0.00) teaches kids how to read through a series of fun activities that emphasize letter-sound association and word repetition. These activities make use of blending and reading short vowel words within meaningful contexts. Interactive activities highlight a core of words that share a phonic pattern. Engaging activities, set within relevant situations, provide meaning and purpose for reading and creating words.

Word Wall HD ($1.99) Word Wall helps early to beginning readers learn to read and write by: •Hearing, visualizing, vocally repeating and writing down letters and words. •Providing activities that cater to budding readers using multiple learning styles such as spatial, visual, tactile, language-oriented, logical, or rhythmic. •Engaging kids with four well-designed reading games that reinforce recognition of age appropriate sight and word family words.

Word Machine 3 ($0.99) Read out phonics - When this is on, phonics for the word are sounded out whenever a new word appears. > Reader Level - Choose the level you want your child to work on. a simple and practical educational app with a 1000 common words and their phonemes with full pronunciation support.

Word Families - My Backpack ($1.99) Common word families, related words with their pictures and kid friendly user interface. ★ A simple tap and get word games for kids.allows kids to learn reading accurately, rapidly, and with comprehension.Based on the five essential components for effective reading: phonemic awareness (word families), phonics (blends), fluency, vocabulary and comprehension, the app provides a good learning experience for the children.

BT Word Families ($0.99) Note: no ratings available - Once the student learns one word using the word family they can easily decode other similar words.

Avokiddo ABC Ride ($2.99 introductory price) 26 interactive scenes each associated w/ a word & a letter • Spell the words while listening to the letters’ names or phonetic sounds • Lowercase & uppercase • Teaches letter recognition, name & basic phonetics • Associate letters with specific objects & animals through memorable alliterated concepts • Practice forming words & reinforce spelling • Inspire curiosity • Exercise memory & spatial relations • Build vocabulary

Planet Read ($1.99 - sale FREE on 3/8/14) Phonics-based app will develop students aged 4+ with their reading foundation and make them proficient readers. covers all short, long and diphthong vowel sounds over 54 short stories! High-quality images, audio and professionally written stories will train students to hear, touch and read proficiently by decoding unfamiliar words without having to memorize.

Breaking Words Apart into Syllables using the app Popplet

ChooseIt! Literacy ($59.99) simple and consistent presentation, clear language, switch accessibility and full audio support which has made them a valuable resource for children with special needs. Performance reporting is built-in. LISTENING SKILLS, INITIAL SOUNDS, INITIAL BLENDS - SOUNDS, INITIAL BLENDS-LETTERS, TRICKY HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS, ALPHABET, EVERYDAY WORDS,

Let's Get Ready to Read! ($1.99 - sale FREE on 1/28/14) packed with fun and engaging activities focused on introducing your young learner to each letter of the alphabet and the sound it represents. Our research- based program was built on the knowledge that the most effective learning takes place when children are given multiple opportunities to apply and reinforce the skills they are learning.

BookLeveler ($0.00) BookLeveler helps educators, parents, and librarians quickly and easily find appropriately leveled content for young readers. App users can scan the ISBN barcode of a book or search for content by title and/or author to appropriately level and store that content based on their in-classroom experience.

Beginning Phonics ($0.00) Target specific tricky sounds, like “s” and “z” or “p” and “b”, or allow the game to select sounds randomly. Touch, action and music engage children with beginning phonics. Reports for up to 5 children show you what letter sounds they may need help with. Activate the timer feature to see how many letter sounds a child can match in a minute.

PBPhonics 1 to 3 ($0.00) PBPhonics offers phonics practice for students with little or no existing English literacy. While it is designed for adult learners, teenagers and even some younger children with literacy issues have also responded well to PBPhonics, including those on the autism spectrum. Contains 18 phonemes used to build 278 words by sounding out the component phonemes, then saying the complete word.

More than simply reading the words (blog post) by Katie R. Lambert an ASHA board certified and California State Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. She has developed particular expertise in working with young children with language-learning disabilities.

Documenting Reading with Doodlecast Pro -

LetterSounds 1 Pro : Easily teach the links between letters and speech sounds for reading and spelling with phonics ($23.99) - Requires iPad 2 or higher -Australian,US & UK accent options will be added in next update. Makes it easy to teach children the links between the letters of the alphabet and the speech sounds they typically represent in written English. Based on research into reading acquisition and was developed by reading specialist and SLP Dr. Bartek Rajkowski, PhD.

Sound Literacy ($24.99) - Blank tiles for counting, ordering, and manipulating the graphemes or any other word part • Tiles organized in pantries and ready to be pulled onto the workspace for reading and spelling words • Elkonin boxes can be added to hold tiles in place • Six specially designed ladders for building and comparing phonemes or spellings • Consonant and vowel phoneme maps

Phonics Practice with Skitch App by Matt B Gomez

Seashores to Sea Floors - The Ocean Biome ($18.99 - Sale 9/99 on 11/9/13) part of Crack the Books series of interactive non-fiction books. Can be ADJUSTED FOR READING LEVEL without sacrificing curriculum content. Targeting 3rd to 5th grade science & social studies core curriculum concepts, our digital books allow for reading level adjustment from 1st grade to 8th grade, making it possible for all students in a classroom to access the same curriculum content regardless of their reading ability.

Sky Fish Phonics ($42.99 - FREE on 11/8/13) 20 levels of physics-based puzzle gameplay to keep them engaged in learning and build their whole brain - 20+ fun costumes to earn to customize their Sky Fish character - Aligned with Common Core State Standards for kindergarten literacy - Letter recognition - Letter-sound correspondence - Reading consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) word groups - Word building (substituting individual sounds in CVC words to build new words)

Vowel Stories: Flash Cards ($0.99) Vowel Stories Flash Cards will help build your child's vocabulary. It contains common sight words, beginning consonants blends (dr-ag, dr-um, dr-aw), ending consonants blends (so-ft, lo-ft, gi-ft), and various word families (am, Sam, jam). Contains more than 500 words!

Vowel Stories for Beginning Readers: Long Sounds ($1.99) Vowel Stories for Beginning Readers: Long Sounds teaches children long vowel sounds A, E, I, O, and U. The app has simple stories based on long vowel sounds along with important vocabulary words (sight words). This is a great app for children who are learning to read. Children can read along or have the story read to them.

Vowel Stories for Beginning Readers: Short Sounds ($1.99) Vowel Stories for Beginning Readers: Short Sounds teaches children short vowel sounds A, E, I, O, and U. The app has simple stories based on short vowel sounds along with important vocabulary words (sight words). This is a great app for children who are learning to read. Children can read along or have the story read to them.

Write to Read ($6.99) a book creator in which children from the age of three easily can make or participate in making their own books and at the same time learn how to write and read. The child writes a sentence using his or her current level of written language and the adult “translates” the child’s writing into proper or correct text. Books created by the children can be printed, e-mailed and posted to social media directly from the app.