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Ladybird: I'm Ready to Spell ($4.99 - sale 0.99 on 1/22/14) Have loads of spelling fun with three mini space-themed games. Learn to spell with Ladybird’s spelling app •Perfect for children getting ready for the Phonics Screening Check •Ideal for older children who are learning how to spell accurately •Add your child’s own school spellings

Dic-Dic. Multilingual dictation to practise spelling, writing and sound-letter matching ($2.99) designed for practising the first language & to acquire vocabulary & spelling knowledge in a foreign language. Spelling and audiovisual dictation game. • Bonus game to reward good players. • Album to record achievements • Read by native speakers of each language. • Personalisable and adaptable to the level of knowledge of each player. • Correction of incorrect responses

Word Science ($0.99) In this fast-paced spelling game, your words power Dr. Von Vocab’s crazy lab! Grab letters as they whiz by on conveyor belts and form words as fast as you can to keep Dr. Von Vocab’s experiments going… or else. Are you ready for Word Science, a new word game that only science could create? Well rated.

Touch n Spell ($0.00) includes 20 interactive Halloween flash cards. The user is able to touch each letter of the word and hear the letter spoken. The user can also touch the speech bubble at the bottom of each card to hear the entire word spoken. All of this goes along with fun Halloween animations.

Word Mania Challenge ($0.00) You are challenged to create as many words as possible in three minutes from a random set of 15 letters. Score points for different letters and word lengths. -Spell five words in a row to get a gold tile. Use the gold tile to boost your score. -Spell four words using the gold tiles and receive a diamond tile. -Spell more words correctly and increase the multiplier

Spellyfish - Short A Words ($0.99) Learn phonics and the primary letter sounds and letter names for the alphabet, how words can be broken up into separate sounds, and how the letter sounds can be blended together to form short words. Learn how to recognize both the lower case and upper case letters of the alphabet. In addition he/she will learn about the starting sounds of words and how the ending sounds of words can make some words rhyme with each other.

Gappy's First Words™ ($0.99) • 211 three-letter words for kids to learn, including 174 basic CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) and 37 common sight words. • Nine different house themes with six different parts. • Four game levels that help children progress from basic letter identification to spelling words all on their own. • The ability to switch cases, helping children learn capital and lowercase letters. Shared by

Whack-A-Word ($0.99) Spell each word correctly before the moles take all of your carrots. With 300 words distributed among 30 levels of progressing difficulty, your students will soon be spelling like pros!

Spelling Monster FREE ($0.00) great tool that allow kids to practice their spelling words with fun interactive games. - Comprehensive activity for practicing spelling words - Add your own spelling words - Can be used on-the-go no internet connection required - HD Graphics and sounds - Cool colorful characters - Enter as many words as you want and as many lists as you want - Constant upgrades and exciting new characters and games - COPPA compliant

Spelling Teacher School Edition ($9.99) developed to help your student/child become an accomplished speller while meeting language arts common core spelling standards for K-6th grades. Included with the app are 30 weekly spelling lists per K-6 grade, 210 different spelling lists in all. The word lists were developed by teachers using word families, position-based spellings, syllable patterns, ending rules, and other meaningful combinations to assist in the learning.

Words That Go with Richard Scarry's Busytown Cars ($2.99) Richard Scarry’s delightfully wacky cars come to life in this interactive educational game for kids ages 2-6. When the Apple Car arrives at a Busytown stoplight, kids spell a-p-p-l-e to help it zoom through the intersection. With five playing modes, including letter matching, early phonics and spelling, this app grows with your child.

First Grade Spelling HD PRO ($2.99 - FREE on 8/2/13) Over 300 spelling words for kids aged 5-8 - 3 hint levels including uppercase and lowercase - Clear pronunciation of each word - including a slow version

*Spell With Me* Lite ($0.00) The use of the App is to put fun into spelling so that children can complete the levels and progress through the level stages and become confident with spelling and pronunciation. Children are encouraged to spell through visual “orthographic” memory. This is a vital skill for children to learn to spell. Primarily designed for early years and pre-school children 3-6 years. At the end of the levels there is a game for the children to complete.

WordBuilder : Learn Letter Sound Patterns for Reading and Spelling in English ($23.99) a scientifically-based, easy to use teaching tool that anybody can use to help children and adults of all ages learn to read and spell. Created by reading specialist and speech-language pathologist Dr. Bartek Rajkowski, PhD, WordBuilder™ is a fun, intuitive and powerful means through which to learn how to use letter-sound patterns to crack the code in the English language.

Type Defender ($0.99) Type each critter’s word as quickly as you can to protect your precious honey and earn gold along the way. Spell the words correctly the first time to increase your no-miss multiplier and earn even more gold! Additional Features: ❀ Create custom word lists to practice your spelling words ❀ Select from 3 difficulty levels to suit all ages

ABC Letter Learing - Writing, Alphabet, Spelling, Handwriting, and Phonics ($1.99) a comprehensive alphabet learning app which includes several activities to support letter comprehension (both upper and lowercase), phonics and real world object association using touch based learning. Comes with a set of printable worksheets and activities that allow your children to write letters both upper and lower case. Reviewed here...

SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2013 5 Free Services for Helping Students Learn to Spell (some online, some apps)l

Spell + Friends by Tap To Learn ($0.00) The Spell + Friends app provides definitions and their correct pronunciation. Word pronunciations using the recorded audio files which are embedded in our app deliver the words the way they should sound -- so you do not have to rely on the dictionary or search for each word on the internet.✔ Over 2,000 words in 3 categories! ✔ Pronunciations, definitions, and etymology! ✔ Alphabetic or difficulty sequence ✔ Progress tracking.

Sproutster HD ($0.00) help Sproutster grow rice to feed your friends in different countries around the world. You must catch falling letters in your bucket to spell 3-5 letter words. When you catch 10 words and a sun drop, your rice plant grows to its full size and you can feed all your friends in that country. You and Sproutster then move on to a new adventure in another country. All of the proceeds from advertising are donated to the United Nations World Food Program to buy rice.

Sight Words Spelling HD ($0.00) - Over 300,000 downloads of our educational apps! - 3 spelling hint levels including uppercase and lowercase - Great for Speech Language Therapists working with clients The Dolch Sight Words are the foundation of reading! This app offers spelling practice using the whole keyboard and 4 hint levels for different spelling levels. Contains an in-app purchase to unlock all 220 sight words

HearNSpell ($1.99) teaches kids (even adults!) how to spell using auditory learning. Instead of learning how to spell by moving letters around simply listen, try, and learn from your mistakes. It’s like simulating a spelling bee with ANY words you choose! The learning process used in this game combines auditory learning as well as the flashcard model of repetition to reinforce the words in memory.

Crossword Adventure for Kids ($1.99) ages 2 and up! A fun way for kids to work on letter recognition, learning new words and spelling. The game offers a variety of puzzles, including nature, farm animals, numbers, colors, and more! Toddlers & Preschoolers will enjoy doing their very own crossword puzzles by matching letters and unlocking the corresponding pictures. Older kids can turn on "Word Adventure" in the settings so that only a few letters will be shown on the puzzles.

Words and Blocks ($0.00 for lite version) Lite version comes with 26 basic 3-5 letter words. Spelling Game-Each letter is read when touched, and the word is spelled out after the child gets the correct spelling. The child can also hear the sound of the word by tapping on the image of the word. Matching Game-Using the same set of words, the child is given pictures of three words from the set. The child has to identify the picture that matches the words in the card.

Spell 'til You Drop from Reading Laboratory 2.0 By McGraw-Hill School Education Group ($normally? - FREE on 5/1/13) over 600 words. Players choose a level, listen to a word, and attempt to spell the word. Get it right, and move on. Miss too many words, and watch your intrepid explorer drop from the bridge. •Three levels to conquer •Listening and spelling practice •Large set of words for replay fun •Engaging animated gameplay with sound effects

6 best phonics apps for iPad: teach kids to read, write and spell BUYING GUIDE Help your children learn with these great iOS apps By Dan Oliver from MacFormat Issue 256 April 14th