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True Horrible Crimes

WARNING! This gallery contains grafic images that some viewers my find disturbing.

True Horrible Crimes

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Kiplyn Davis - Missing Since 1995: Kiplyn Davis

Kiplyn Davis - Missing Since 1995

Profiling Pedophiles: What Characteristics Give Them Away?

What Caused Timoth Ray Jones to Kill His 5 Children? A South Carolina man known as highly intelligent and a responsible father has been arrested in connection with the deaths of his five children whose bodies he dumped in a wooded area off a rural Alabama road 500 miles from his home.

What Caused Timoth Ray Jones to Kill His 5 Children?

Holly Bobo's Remains Found; Grand Jury Indicts Suspect - On April 13, 2011, Clint Bobo of Parsons, Tennessee saw his sister Holly Bobo, a 20-year-old nursing student, being led into the woods by a man wearing camouflage. Police later determined that she was being abducted by the man and was in fear for her life.

Holly Bobo's Remains Found; Grand Jury Indicts Suspect

The Abduction of 14-Year-Old Abby Hernandez - On October 9, 2013, 14-year-old Abigail Hernandez left Kennett High School in Conway, New Hampshire and started walking home along her usual route. She sent several text messages between 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. along her walk, but she never made it home.

The Abduction of 14-Year-Old Abby Hernandez

Young Texas girl’s remains discovered in mom’s fridge 6 months after her death -- Making a gruesome story even more horrific, the dead girl’s 5-year-old sister reportedly saw her older sister’s body in the fridge one day while looking for a snack.

KEY WEST -- Man beats up girlfriend because he dreamed that she had cheated on him. Also beats up her dog. (August 2014)

Keys Man Beat Girlfriend After Dreaming She Cheated

RIP 2 year old Aliyah Maria Branum: Her mom abused and beat her until blood and yellow fluid was oozing from her ears. She then laid her in her bed and watched her die.

Not Just Statistics

MAN BEAT BABY BOY TO DEATH FOR PEEING ON HIM DURING A DIAPER CHANGE TAMPA, FLORIDA – Another unsuspecting mother who left her baby with her crazy boyfriend to babysit. Austin Hamilton, 24 has been charged with first degree murder and aggravated child abuse for beating his girlfriend’s one-year-old son to death. On Saturday evening, …

130 Million women have undergone female genital mutilation Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World. Stop Sharia Law and stop the US government from sending taxpayer money to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Community Post: Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World

Another despicable case of rape in India. A thirteen year old girl and her older sister went for a walk to a neighboring farm, and on their way back, they were confronted by three men. The men raped the thirteen year old girl, and when she told them that she was going to tell on them, they set her on fire.

A 14-year-old girl was dragged into a forest and raped on the orders of a village council in remote eastern India in retaliation for a sex assault blamed on her brother, her family and police said Friday. Two men have been arrested in the rape case. They include the village headman and the main suspect, identified as the husband of the woman who was allegedly molested by the victim's brother. The victim's brother has also been arrested on charges of molestation.

The Murder of Baby Briana (Graphic) (Update with sentences in description area)

The Alissa Guernsey Story - Graphic Images

The Dying Rooms - Documentary from 1995

In West Africa the body parts of people with albinism are believed to have magic powers. Albino body parts can sell for 75,000$. In Zimbabwe, modern folklore posits that sexual intercourse with an albinistic person will cure one of HIV, leading to the rape of women with albinism in that region.

Every day there are horrendous stories of children suffering abuse beyond the level of tolerance that their little bodies can endure. Many are starved to death, some chained up or tied to a chair, some left day and night in cots or rooms alone without even a nappy change. Many are reared in appalling situations where homes are putrid, parents missing or uncaring and the list goes on.

RIP 10 week old Brenlee Gilbert: Abused and beaten to death by her father because he was angry he was left alone to watch her.

Not Just Statistics

Lisa Thomas murdered in 1974 in Nanuet, NY To date, her murder is still unsolved.

Nanuet: Do You Remember...?

Shirley Hubbard (born 26 June 1959) Killed November 1974. Left a work experience course in Droitwich to return home but did not arrive. When her remains were found her head was completely covered in tape with only a three-inch rubber tube inserted to allow her to breathe.

RIP 20 month old Jaydon Sandlin: His mother and her boyfriend arrested and charged with murder. Jaydon was found with burn scars all over his body.

Not Just Statistics

RIP 13 month old David Di Dio: Died from being beat and blunt force trauma to his abdomen.

Not Just Statistics

RIP 6 month old Hadley Arnett: Hadley died from a separated spine, brain hemorrhaging, broken ribs, and lacerations in his mouth after his mother abused and slammed his face into a swing.

Not Just Statistics

RIP 3 year old Sariah Delafosse: Left in a car for 19 hours by her mother. She died of heat stroke.

Not Just Statistics