True Horrible Crimes

WARNING! This gallery contains grafic images that some viewers my find disturbing.

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True Horrible Crimes

True Horrible Crimes

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By giving a rapist a platform to justify his terrible crime, India’s Daughter risks reinforcing the views that have normalised violence against women

Indian women found their voice after the Delhi rape. Could this film help silence them again? | Nilanjana S Roy

When a loved one goes missing or is the victim of a terrible crime we search for answers and we search for justice. There are an estimated 1000 unsolved murders in the UK, some up to 100 years old. Browse the internet and you will find countless articles and news reports on individual cold cases and unsolved crimes around the country.

Unsolved Murders and Cold Cases - When The Trail Goes Cold

This mother smothered her baby, then she cremated it in the oven. OMG, How can a mother do this, My heart brakes reading about all these mothers killing there chirlden,what is our world come to?

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Bryan – just days old. After surviving the worst loss that any parent can imagine – the murder of one of my 11-week-old twin boys, I thought that losing my son and going through the criminal justice system would be ...

Victims of crimes further victimized by family law process

Prince and Howell -- mother encouraged boyfriend to rape 4 mo. old baby, who died.

Ashlynn Lilith Peters | Bonnie's Blog of Crime

RIP 10 week old Brenlee Gilbert: Abused and beaten to death by her father because he was angry he was left alone to watch her.

Not Just Statistics

Oklahoma Middle Student Seriously Injured In School Bullying, Undergoes Surgery (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Middle Schooler Seriously Injured In School Bullying, Undergoes Surgery

Mo. mom accused of pouring scalding water and industrial-strength bleach on 2-year-old daughter - While being treated for her second-degree burns at the hospital, the toddler told investigators “Mommy is mean. Mommy did it.”

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Mother Rapes 6-Month-Old Baby With Boyfriend And Gives The Child VD

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Daniel Pelka was starved to death by his parents. Confined to a cupboard, and, abused. Teachers said the schoolboy looked emaciated in the weeks leading up to his death.

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Black Mom Murders Her Own Infant Then Post Photos Of The Body On Facebook For Likes! (Video) - Tommy Sotomayor

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Psychological scarring. this is explains just a thread of what I feel or don't feel and attributes to my current rants and melt downs.

Psychological Violence: Still Violence, Still a Crime

These Are The 180 Nigerian Girls Who Were Abducted and Are Now Missing - WE MUST DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THE INNOCENT!

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Brittany Bell Charged After Dead Daughter Found Being Eaten By Cockroaches

Brittany Bell Charged After Dead Daughter Found Being Eaten By Cockroaches - The Dreamin Demon

Mom Helped Boyfriend Bury Her Daughter After He Stomped Toddler To Death

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Jailed: William Stephens, 25, killed his baby daughter after losing his temper because he had run out of cannabis, a court heard

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Murdering child rapist Barry McCarney in a lighthearted moment. The baby he killed was his girlfriend's daughter.

Kiss of life from the monster who killed her: Moment paedophile rushed into hospital carrying the dying 15-month-old girl he had fatally abused

The search for the Highway of Tears murderer(s) leads to a dead end. Between 1969 and 2001 anywhere from 18 to 43 women have been murdered or disappeared along this lonely section of Highway 16

10 Shocking Unsolved Murders (murders, cold case, unsolved) - ODDEE

Terri Bills' headless body found in Niagara Falls sparks fears of a serial killer | Daily Mail Online

Headless body in Niagara Falls sparks fears serial killer is at large

Japanese Horror Story: The Torture of Junko Furuta

44 Days Of Hell - The Murder Of Junko Furuta

Tony Moreno's texts to ex-girlfriend before he 'threw their baby off Arrigoni Bridge' | Daily Mail Online

Chilling texts father sent to ex before he 'threw baby son off bridge'

Do you know her? Authorities have added earrings to the computer-generated image of a young girl whose remains were found in a trash bag on a Boston Harbor beach, continuing their quest to learn the girl's identity

Earrings added to computer image of 'Baby Doe'

British backpacker Hannah Witheridge's father weeps over dead body photographs | Daily Mail Online

Father of murdered British backpacker weeps over dead body photos

Rebecca Arthur missing after flying to Morocco to meet her Facebook 'boyfriend' | Daily Mail Online

Teen missing after flying to Morocco to meet man she met on Facebook