True Horrible Crimes

WARNING! This gallery contains grafic images that some viewers my find disturbing.
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A teenager lost his virginity to his mother’s corpse after he killed her.WTF!!!!!!!!!!

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'This child was horribly murdered': Police find bones believed to be boy, 10, who was starved to death by his parents and dumped in creek.

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Eunice Spry, 70, was jailed for 14 years in April 2007 after she was convicted of subjecting the vulnerable youngsters to years of horrific abuse

Foster mother jailed for torturing three children to be released

UNBELIEVABLE!! Adoptive parent beats child with skipping rope, water pipe and metal rod because he couldn't tell the story of pinocchio -

This boy was beaten bloody with ropes and a pipe - because he didn't finish his homework

The remains of up to 800 children were found in a septic tank on a site where there once stood a home for unwed mothers and their children in Ireland

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Domestic Violence

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Minnesota boy, 3, loses fight for life as his mother's boyfriend is charged with murder after leaving a note saying ‘I snapped. I banged his head on the floor. He’s not ok’ | Daily Mail Online

Minnesota boy dies as his mother's boyfriend is charged with murder

Ending Domestic Abuse

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Pastor David Volmer was sentenced to 10-and-a-half years jail for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl.

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Marley McKenna Spindler disappears in South Carolina after texting friends

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Man stomped on 70 year old Adelaide woman’s face when he tried to kidnap her

Sexual-offender who stomped on a grandmother's face to be sentenced

Coral Hall disappeared from Flint, MI 9/22/98 after calling friends for help. Her body has not been found but her grandmother has been charged with open murder.

Homicide/ Hit & Run | Crime Stoppers Michigan | 1-800-SPEAK-UP | Page 7

Brianna Denison, 19, was sleeping on a friend’s couch when an intruder kidnapped her January 2008. Male DNA found on the couch was linked with 2 sexual attacks in the same area. Her body was found in a field in February. A tip suggested Biela was the perpetrator. When Biela refused to give his DNA, his girlfriend allowed DNA to be taken from their son. This DNA showed that the boy’s father was the kidnapper and responsible for the sexual assaults. Biela was then tried & sentenced to death.

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In Texas in January 2008, Yaser Said shot and killed his teenage daughters, Sarah and Amina, because he was enraged by their Western lifestyle - called an HONOUR KILLING

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One of the most tragic and strange murders in Boston history occurred on June 23, 1996. Karina Holmer, a 20-year old Swedish au pair, disappeared outside a Boston nightclub at three o'clock in the morning. Less than 12 hours later, her severed upper body was discovered in a Back Bay dumpster by a homeless person. The murder has never been solved, and remains Boston's most notorious "cold case."

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Father indicted for corpse abuse for keeping his dead baby daughter's decomposed body in a crib for a month

Father indicted for corpse abuse for keeping his dead baby's body

JASON BOLTON was murdered in a horrific manner almost 23 yrs ago and to this day nothing has been done...his sister is still trying to get his murderers brought to justice.

Justice For Jason Bolton

EVERY GIRL SHOULD READ THIS. All about what to do/how to act if an attacker comes at you. And how to keep yourself from that ever happening. I read this and its actually really creepy to think you would ever have to use it but very very helpful to know if you ever did have to use these tips please everyone should read this

Informative on how to protect yourself from a Rapist...

Estate Agent Suzy Lamplugh went missing in London in July 1986

Suzy Lamplugh Still Missing After 29 Years

What happend to Elisabeth Mandala?

What Happened to Elisabeth Mandala?

Father kills his wife and 6 children with an axe after adultery accusation in Russia

Father kills his six children and wife with an axe in Russia

Trafford girl found beaten to death in pool of vomit as mom is arrested

Girl, 3, found beaten to death in pool of vomit as mom is arrested

Massachusetts school officials say they warned authorities about Jack Loiselle

School warned about 7-year-old boy's sickening weight loss

Florida family murdered with a HAMMER in 'ritualistic Wiccan killing' in Pensacola

Florida family brutally murdered in ritual killing on Blue Moon

In 2009, 6 year-old Shaniya Davis was raped, killed and dumped in woods by drug dealer who received the child from mother as payment for drugs. Trial to take place in April 2012.

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