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Stinky Feet! My students' favorite review game! points on back of sticky notes some positve some neg.  teams answer question & then reveal points, sometimes have the 'lowest' point team win! :) (add more negative numbers then!)

Teaching In The Fast Lane: Making Test Prep Fun Feet Game.each sticky note has a point value. The stinky part is some are positive and some are negative. Ask teams questions, if they answer correctly, they can pick a sticky note.

Classical Conversations review game, "Bang!"  Tissue box wrapped in duct tape, student pulls out a topic card, if they can say the memory work they keep the card.  (if not, put it back) If they pull out the "bang" card, they need to put back all the cards they've collected.

It's great to have a nice collection of go-to games that work well for your class. As you know, each class has different dynamics, .

Daughter of the King

I am a daughter of a king that's up in heaven and yes I'm talking about God. God is my father and I am his little princess my father protects me from the devil and I trust my father everyday with my life I have nothing to worry about because long less I h