Laudilene Oliveira

Laudilene Oliveira

Laudilene Oliveira
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Essa foto é a tradução perfeita de Hermione Granger. Queria ela assim em todas as cenas, especialmente o cabelo fofo e cheio, conforme a descrição nos livros.

Words can't express my love of Hermione's hair in this scene. It's bushy like it's meant to be, but still gorgeous. This is how I picture her all the time.--- I loved the hair also to match her emotion in the scene.

From Harry Potter.  Love her free spirit nature

From Harry Potter. Love her free spirit nature! I also have a rabbit patronus…

The product Hermione Granger is sold by Galou Store in our Tictail store.  Tictail lets you create a beautiful online store for free -

After my Harry potter marathon (rereading all books, rewatching all movies) I HAD TO do these portraits. Couldn’t resist but to draw two for Hermione. Influenced by both the movie and the future.

Ninphadora Tonks by: Brenna-Ivy

Ninphadora Tonks by: Brenna-Ivy (one of my favorite characters)

harry ron mione ginny fred'n'george luna draco severus etc etc

Harry Potter Manga ~ love all the character representations. I would be so happy if there was ever an official Harry Potter anime.