Virva Laukkanen
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diy so much with this method. this is a cute dollhouse yarn rug! just use double sided tape to secure yarn! <3

DIY Dollhouse made from a Bookcase (pinning this as a reminder. She made a rug by coiling yarn on a cardboard cutout with double sided tape. As I'm wanting to make this as real as possible I'm hoping to make a true miniature rug. Pinning as backup)

Barbie coffee table. wood and chess game pieces for legs (have faux wood floor sample just the right size for a coffee or sofa table...bought chess game at The Dollar Tree ($1) - will use the checkered gamboard as a wall backdrop or floor; some game pieces as furniture legs, some as shelf decor, and the smaller ones as salt shaker & pepper mill for dining - kj)

plank of wood plus miniature chess or game pieces and you get a coffee table .same idea could be used with push pins

Barbie sofa built from sponges and then covered with fabric for a sumptuous sofa.

I borrowed Dollhouse Magic by P. Roche from the local library, and it turned out to be a rather simplistic book of miniature making, such as using thread spools for tables. But, her instructions on using kitchen sponges to make sofas and chairs inspi…