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Syzygy of Me: Microwave Bowl Potholder and Tutorial

TV tray pressing board tutorial

...or boy. Anyone who uses a hot glue gun, really. Ignore the "I'm addressing a pack of middle-schoolers" tone.

How to Adjust Your Sewing Machine Tension

REGRETSY SEWING MACHINE (G) POSTER. These complicated things aren't for wimps! They even break down on Project Runway. Arc reactors are always needing to be replaced and the cryhole can cause anyone to break down. And if the dilithium crystal gives out, you're done for. Poster for purchase at this site.

Stenciled skirt, tutorial, free pdf stencil pattern.

no-sew, one-cut vest/wrap. www.lifeiscrazybe... for fabric/sizing tips

GENIUS. Wire hangers + cushion + t-shirt = cat tent

What to do with all those foreign coins you've saved

camping chair from luggage rack

possible future of my PA gym shirt

tiny screen printing tutorial

3-Ingredient Lotion Bars. Great quote: "totally healed my hands after just a few applications.... feels like someone rubbed tiny baby butts all over my mitts." The whole site looks pretty great.

Deciduous Magical! [original tutorial in Chinese]

how to embroider a ribbon rose

modify for underseat compartment in Vespa

felt or paper flowers