When I turn 70 or 80, maybe I'll get my first and only tattoo: A constellation of the stars in honor of those I love and will always love.

I like constellation tattoos. I think it would be kinda cool to get the sky coordinates for the constellation instead of the actual constellation. Find a story I like, related to the constellation

color- i chose this because i love attending concerts or huge parties and love how the color of the balloons stand out in the picture.

Happiness is a smile

20 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Happy

This one of my favorite pictures - a Mongolian girl and her camel laughing together. Her camel is a Bactrian camel. The Bactrian camel has.

If you won't sing in the car with me when we drive, we can't be friends. So true.

c. 1920 Suffrage Flyer MHS Collections. (via Missouri History Museum)

“A Woman Living Here Has Registered to Vote” - c. 1920 Suffrage Flyer MHS Collections : Missouri History Museum (mohistory) --- pp: Never take that vote for granted!

Would be fun to crochet a bunch of butterflies instead of flowers to make an irish crochet blouse.

Cross stitch design of an abstract butterfly girl available in cross stitch kit. All our cross stitch kits have pre-wound threads on plastic card bobbins.

♂ Beautiful wildlife photography - insects white butterfly by Astrid Carnin

Fossil of the largest freshwater prehistoric turtle.

Fossil of the largest freshwater prehistoric turtle, Carbonemys cofrinii, a 60 billion year old, South American side-necked turtle.

vintage aprons on the line

vintage aprons on the line~ I want to display my collection on a clothes line in the laundry room.

BETON HAUSNUMMER  /  VIELE FARBEN  /  TOP DESIGN    Die Nummern sind sehr plastisch, gut sichtbar und bestechen durch einzigartiges Design.    Schr...

3D HAUSNUMMER aus BETON 24cm ARIAL viele Farben

23andMe - Genetic Testing for Ancestry; DNA Test Random, interesting and maybe a little scary too...

This personal DNA test looks at one’s 23 pairs of chromosomes and reveals what percent of that DNA comes from various populations around the world. Perfect for that person who thinks they know everything about themselves.

"Travel...Even if it's only in your imagination" via @Drake University. #ChapmanU --> Study Abroad: http://www.chapman.edu/international-studies/center-for-global-education/index.aspx

Friday the 13th / Travel Tips

Looking for Snoopy and the Red Baron, the World War I Flying Ace, the Red Baron from Peanuts or maybe even the Red Baron song? Come along Peanuts gang fans as we travel with Snoopy aboard his Sopwith Camel as the famous WWI Flying Ace prepares to.