iPhone printer. No bigger than a box of tissues, no software to install and no ink cartridges. Want. Going on my christmas list!

iPhone Photo Cube Printer for the person on your Christmas list who likes hard copies of photos!

Sequin Underarmor Hoodie (:

Blazin Roxx Women's Cream with Succulent Watercolor Cactus Print Rain Boot

An outlet that automatically turns off power once your device has been charged to save energy. This is Awesome! Only $10 on Amazon! Can also save batteries from being fried.

Yoshimoto Cube Designed by Naoki Yoshimoto MoMA Exclusive

Belkin Conserve Socket that turns off after 30 minutes, 3 hours, or 6 hours of use. Belkin Conserve Valet automatically turns off once your device has been charged.

Towel Warmers/Blanket Warmers

I have this towel warmer - nothing is more satisifying than getting a warm towel after you bath or shower but this particular warmer doesnt keep the towel warming long enough. by the time im out of the shower the towel is almost room temp again.

Wood Sign Bottle Opener and Cap Catch- The Best Beer is an Open Beer Beer sign. I can make this

Wood Sign Bottle Opener and Cap Catch- The Best Beer is an Open Beer Beer sign. lol we'll always have a bottle opener on the kitchen wall but an outdoor one is a must!

True story

"I already want to take a nap tomorrow." this is so me because I love naps!

Extra-long 6’ Charging Cord makes it easy to use electronics while charging. Buy 2 & Save!

Extra-long 6 foot Charging Cord makes it easy to use electronics while charging.

50 Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed - Portion control salad dressing cap!

50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

The Healthy Steps Portion Control Dressing Lid provides a stylish solution to freely pouring too much salad dressing and consuming too many empty calories. The dressing lid fits numerous sizes of store-bought salad dressing bottles. Give your salad dre

Automatic pet water fountain...for the dog that has everything!   Always have cool, fresh water available to your dog whenever he needs it with our WaterDog Automatic Pet Fountain. Smart sonar-sensing technology triggers the fountain to dispense a stream of water when your dog comes within 3 feet, and turns off when your pet leaves.

Sonar-Sensing Automatic Pet Fountain - The WaterDog automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain lets your dog help itself to fresh water I really need to find one of these. Fisher prefers cold water from a tap

Beef 101

Beef A Guide to What of Americans Eat Everyday (Infographic). Infographic on the Basics of Beef including cut types. This could be used in a large animal science class in units such as Meats.

Love my dogs <3

corgimonster: “ einthecorgi: “ 10 Things Your Dog Would Tell You ” One of the saddest things I’ve ever heard is that some people will give their dog to a shelter when it’s at the end of life because.

The Pajamas Warming Pouch - Would be a great gift for someone who is always cold. This would be amazing to have!!

The Pajamas Warming Pouch - This is the heated pouch that warms pajamas for cozy comfort. The pouch has integrated heating elements that reach F and a thermal satin interior that retains heat, resulting in toasty warm pajamas in 10 minutes.

Why yes, I was raised in a barn.

Yes I learned those values by being raised in the country. Yes I've done some things other girls would freak about but that's life on the farm!

The newest 4-H window decal!

Show your pride by adding this fun decal to your car, office, or home window! It will adhere to any smooth glass, metal or plastic surface, and can be remov