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High up on a mountain sits the Wartburg, Eisenach - Germany. It is here where Martin Luther (1483-1546), after being taken into protective custody translated the New Testament in 10 weeks from the old Greek into German.

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Masada, Israel

Katrina Van Tassel's grave at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

City: Fort Smith Cannon at Fort Smith National Historic Site

American Pride

Mourning at the grave of Civil War General Stonewall Jackson.

Grave Statement by Nathaniel Grigsby

Unidentified Confederate soldier wearing popular style battleshirt similar to those worn by Quantrill soldiers/ bushwhackers. Holding double barrel percussion shotgun and cocked Colt Navy revolver. *s*

Confederate Soldiers, 1861 Photograph - Confederate Soldiers, 1861 Fine Art Print

Hardtack and Johnny solider should leave home without 'em!

Denis F. Burke, Colonel, 88th New York, Irish Brigade. Born in Limerick. Enlisted in 69th NYNG in 1861 and later in the 88th New York. Wounded at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and Petersburg. Commanded regiment for much of 1863 and 1864

Confederate Soldier Prisoners at Camp Douglas in Chicago. Approx 4,000 Confederates died here during the war.

Antiedam National Cemetery

Lord Stanley presenting Richard III.'s Crown to Henry Tudor.

Decorated initial 'R'(es) at the beginning of William of Malmesbury's Gesta regum Anglorum. Origin:England, S. (Winchester?)

James Cameron and Gloria Stuart

Kate Winslet as Rose. Love this dress!

Katharine Hepburn

Padmapani from Ajanta, ca. 450-500. The Ajanta caves in Maharasthra, India contain masterpieces of ancient Buddhist art.

File:Ajanta Padmapani.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Young Robert E. Lee

A Woman waits to be executed at Belzec. What a threat she was to the Reich. . .

Battles of the Civil War. Infographic

Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond-1430-1456-Father of Henry VII.

Queen Elizabeth II - great photo!