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Wow- this is Gods beauty for sure! I can only imagine standing beneath this tree while talking to God. His beauty alone would keep me in tears. God is amazing in all that he does.

just beautiful would love to be sitting on that bench

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Autumn in the colors! Gotta love Michigan in the Fall, nothing more beautiful in the world.

Full moon rising over Jupiter Inlet Beach in Florida!

I want tgis as a tatoo! Beautiful pic from my home town, Palm Beach County, FL. Full moon rising over Jupiter Inlet Beach in Florida!

. . .

Oahu Island ~ also known as "The Gathering Place" is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Travel and Photography from around the world.

The perfect time of the year, when it's just cold enough for hot cocoa or coffee and cozy sweaters and not to cold to take long walks and enjoy the weather <3

Fall is a favorite season for many of us. Who can resist the beauty of the orange glow of pumpkins, the falling leaves and the much anticipated cool weather?i just like the picture.