Malika Favre - tiphaine-illustration

Malika is a French illustrator/art director based in East London. She grew up in Paris where she studied graphic design before moving to London to pursue illustration. She joined Airside in a highly acclaimed multidisciplinary design studio.


Just Keep Swimming

The simple delight of swimming, captured by illustrator Joanne Ho, brought me slightest glimmer of cheerfulness this morning, amidst all the tragic and devastating events that have occurred in our country in the last few days. No matter how small we might

neat collage image lips  merve-ozaslan-6

Natural Act collages by Merve Ozaslan

Summer House with Swimming Pool // Emiliano Ponzi

Emiliano Ponzi—The Indiscreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (The New York Times, July ‘Summer House With Swimming Pool’

Hisashi Okawa.

Hisashi Okawa is a Japanese illustrator that lives and works in Tokyo and goes by the ‘pen-name’ of Ponchan. Creating bold an beautiful imagery signified by his application of felt-tip…