Laura Frenzel
Laura Frenzel
Laura Frenzel

Laura Frenzel

  • Williamstown Barossa Valley, South Australia
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Wife to Christian. Mother to Evan. Lover of the Literary Word ...and qualified Barrister/Solicitor, but don't hold that against me.

by | christopher poindexter This is so cute. I usually refrain from pinning mushy things but I couldn't resist.

The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that's not the one. When you meet... ~ Monica Drake

--a star's light shines the brightest, when it's starting to collapse-- "Supernova," Erin Hanson

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Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts, and don’t put up with people that are reckless with yours. ~ Kurt Vonnegut - Join us on Facebook for many more amazing quotes: #love #lovequotes #ilovemylsi

"You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while" #EckheartTolle

I love back of the neck tats

사람들은 건방지다고 말할 수도 있겠지만...굳이 본인이 하는 일에 겸손떨 이유도 없고, 노엘 말마따나 '너의 생각'을 물어보는 질문에 거짓말할 수도 없고. 사람들은 아닌 것에 대해서는 귀신같이 알아차린다. 게다가 언제나 인정할 것들은 인정하는 노엘오빠

Noel Gallaghe, he's so so right. ..I miss oasis!

This quote is why Noel Gallagher is a god!

Someday they will find me, caught beneath the land side of.....