don't ever settle word. Yes dear 💋 Unless it's us settling down . I settle. Settle all the way .

"Breathing dreams like air" F Scott Fitzgerald ☁️✨

I Feel There Is Nothing More Artistic Than Loving People Print -- Vinc

She didn't just walk on the wild side. She lived there, dancing in the streets and setting fire its sky.

I will forever live by thisbut not 2 & 5

Hers is an old fashioned heart that holds timeless love. She's a three page love letter in a world of relationship status updates. 3 page's maid of honor speech 4 my brother was a 3 page speech that rhymed;

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and the world hated her because they couldn't understand the science that made her all that she was.

people generally see what they look for and hear what they listen for. to kill a mockingbird quote

She's s throwback, to a time when love didn't cost a thing, but was everything.