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Mexico Prehispánico

Historia del arte y la cultura Prehispánica

Mexico Prehispánico

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Where chocolate gets its start -- Mayordomo, Oaxaca Mexico

Texas Horned Toad, the official state reptile

Codex Vaticanus B - Mayahuel

Goddess of tequila agave plant - Mayahuel

Tequila: History and Legend. Mayahuel, maternal and fertility goddesses in Mexica mythology

Tequila: History and Legend. | Mexico In Depth

Mythologies contain extraordinary love stories whose main characters have transcended space, time and even their corporeal forms to become something far larger. That world-famous Agave plant based drink, is very much a part of this honoured list along with the Sun, Earth, Sunflowers, etc. Here’s how the story goes. The beautiful, young Aztec goddess Mayahuel seduced the handsome, strapping Quetzalcoatl, God of Redemption and the two were married. But not for long.


Monolito de Diosa Azteca (mexica) Museo de Antropologia e Historia

Chalchihuitlicue Her name means jade or turquoise skirt in Nahuatl and she's also the patroness of childbirth. Makes sense, water and chidbirht.The view of her back gives a clear view of the Aztec costume of...


Quetzalcoatl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quetzalcoatl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quetzalcoatl Posters from

Quetzalcoatl Posters from

Kukulcan, the Snake God of the Mayans

Residential Aliens – kukulcan

Quetzalcoatl, as depicted in the Codex Magliabechiano (16th century)

HowStuffWorks "Toltec Indians"

HowStuffWorks "Toltec Indians"

Codex Borgia (Messicano Borgiano)

--Page 09-- Codex Cospi (Loubat 1898)

Codex Mendoza - military uniforms

Codex Mendoza - An elderly Aztec woman drinking pulque

Anthropology of Food--University of Minnesota Duluth

Codex Zouche-Nuttall - ritual nose-piercing

Codex Laud

Codex Borbonicus. The god Xipe and culebra quetzalcoatl on the fourteenth week of the tonalpohualli.

Codex Borbonicus, p. 16.

Huitzilopochtli, patron of the Panquetzaliztli festival, Codex Tudela

Codex Laud