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How To Use Plickers in your Classroom

Spice up your assessments by using Plickers! It is a free website that uses “paper clickers” for student to submit their answers to you. This blog post gives you all the details on how to use Plickers in your classroom!

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Are you using the free Plickers program with your students yet? Kids love it! Watch these 2 free webinars to learn how to set up the program and some fun, innovative strategies for using it!

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Plickers 102: Innovative Ways to Use Plickers

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Huge time-saver for Plickers! Free step-by-step tutorial to explain how to create Plickers questions with task cards.

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Plickers 101 - Easy Digital Exit Tickets and More!

Do you use Plickers? It's an amazing (and free) online assessment tool, but up until now, you've had to type in the questions and answers manually. Read the tips in this post and download a free step-by-step tutorial that explains how to make Plickers easy by using task cards for assessment questions. Your kids will LOVE Plickers!

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Plickers! I'm really excited to try this out. Quick informal assessment in the classroom using qr codes. Students hold up their qr code, teacher does a quick panorama with the plicker app and all the assessment data is on the app and the website!!

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Sentence Writing

Sentence Go Round now includes 10 task cards and their image files to be used for formative assessment. Perfect to use with Plickers! If you've already purchased Sentence Go Round, download these bonus task cards for free from this page! $

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Water Cycle Task Cards

Parts of the Water Cycle Task Cards will help your students recognize evidence of condensation and evaporation all around us. Comes with ready-to-use images for Plickers! Includes 2 levels of task cards with 24 cards in each set. Black and white versions are included, too. $ #LauraCandler

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