“ Cute baby owls.

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baby fox

Oh god I want one gimmie one.

OMG!!! this is hilarious!!!

All I see is some disgusting person cutting their dog's hair next to apples. which people eat. I'm guessing they eat at that table too, where they just cut their dog's hair.


We are born with such innocence that only fades as we grow to see the hardships of the world.

by Gleb Skrebets

Our Winter Cabin: Photograph I`ve loved you by Gleb Skrebets on Squirrel enjoying the snow

3 Big wolf hybrid dogs with their masters | The Planet of Pets

Hybrid Wold Hybrid: A wolfdog (also called a wolf–dog hybrid or wolf hybrid) is a canid hybrid resulting from the mating of a gray wolf (various Canis lupus subspecies) and a dog (Canis lupus familiaris). The term “wolfdog” is preferred by most of the


dogs, puppies, and a baby monkey... to many dawwws

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I love the (true) story of how this wild polar bear and (chained) sled dog became friends. There is a TED talk about the importance of play that features it and a series of photos about this true story. I will add links: