Haha cute!!

You will never love anything as much as this little girl loves her fish. **this was totally me as a kid. When I went fishing with my parents I had to kiss and hug every fish we caught lol -KC**

About those cute parenting pictures...

Funny pictures about About those cute parenting pictures. Oh, and cool pics about About those cute parenting pictures. Also, About those cute parenting pictures.

I so do this!!

I clean when I'm frustrated. So, if you show up unannounced & our house is clean. You might want to reconsider your visit especially if it is my daughter doing the cleaning.


Parenting Fail: Just Put The Baby On The Floor Mom - Gotta get our Slurpee

so true.

someecards - there is a time and a place for decaf coffee. never and in the trash, lol


Free, Somewhat Topical Ecard: Pilates? O heavens, no! I thought you said "pie and lattes".

Good Guy Netflix - Imgur

Does anyone really need the 15 seconds? If you're watching Netflix, the answer is "no, nothing.next episode please"

True story

Choosing the perfect outfit for one night can destroy the entire room // ecard


If I drunk text you and you're sleeping. don't text me in the morning. That ship has sailed. Haha, but seriously.