Latin Holiday Songs

Traditional Latin hymns and carols, plus popular English Christmas songs translated into Latin - and some Polish carols translated into Latin, too! Be sure to click through to the Gaudium Mundo site for all the Latin lyrics and more information about each song:
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ALMA NOX, TACITA NOX. Listen to a Latin performance of "Silent Night" at YouTube, and sing along with the lyrics.


Yes, this really is a plain chant (Gregorian) versino of Reno Erat Rudolphus - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in Latin! Soundcloud recording embedded in the blog post. Mirabile visu! Mirabile auditu!


TINNITUS, TINNITUS. Here you can find three (!) different LATIN versions of the popular holiday song "Jingle Bells."


ANGELI CANUNT PRAECONES. Sing along to "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" with two different Latin versions of the carol.


AULD LANG SYNE. This is a Latin translation of this familiar song... Num amicorum veterum / decet oblivisci? :-)


O PARVE VICE BETHLEHEM. There are several different Latin translations of "Little Town of Bethlehem" to choose from, and a YouTube video to sing along with!

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