Sidewalk fun.. this seems fun for sidewalk/paths at your house, cool way to keep the kiddos entertained!

10 Sidewalk Chalk Ideas That’ll Keep Kids Entertained for Hours - WAAAY cooler than hopscotch! sidewalk fun, cool way to keep kiddos entertained!

Backyard Scrabble:  There are 144 "tiles." And I went ahead and found out how many of each letter you need.  2: J, K, Q, X, Z  3: B, C, F, H, M, P, V, W, Y  4: G  5: L  6: D, S, U  8: N  9: T, R  11: O  12: I  13: A  18: E

Backyard Scrabble: There are 144 "tiles." All the info for scoring too. I foresee a team speed scrabble game at the cabin this summer!

How to make a bouncy ball! Kid's favorite!

How to Make a Bouncy Ball

How to make a Bouncy Ball. Fun project with the kids, but it really didn't work very well. They're not like store bought bouncy balls!

Challenge yourself this month! Try to live life simpler and enjoy the ride and stop to smell the roses....

31 No-Brainer Ways to Challenge Yourself Every Day

PERFECT! I'm going to prep some of these for my family reunion this summer!

65 Outdoor Party Games for the Entire Family

DIY LEGO Marble Run by oneperfectday  #DIY #Kids #Toys #LEGO #Marble_Run

Idea for Mythical Maze challenge. A DIY Lego Marble Run that is fun for the kids to make, educational as well as encouraging as they are able to play with a toy that they made themselves!

Paper Roll Dragon Craft

Would be fun for Chinese New Year. This fire breathing, toilet paper roll dragon is SO MUCH FUN! Blow into the end, and it looks like flames are coming out of the dragon's mouth! Such a cute craft idea for a rainy day!

SO many great indoor games, building activities, and science experiments by a mom of boys. Lots of good learning stuff too. Perfect for these HOT summer days we have!

Game for Kids: Racing Pom Pom Balls

GAME FOR KIDS: Racing pom pom balls! - Racing pom pom balls is a great activity for a bad weather day, or a day that’s just too hot to play outside!

More ideas
Shadow forms made by hand

Shadow forms made by hand

DIY Hand Shadows diy crafts diy ideas diy crafts fun crafts kids crafts fun diy kids diy in notebook

Make your own PVC pipe sword. Needs close adult supervision.

Make Your Own PVC Pipe Swords.put a pool noodle over the sword and its almost like a Nerf sword

DIY Pipe Ball. Fun game for kids to play. Great activity for kids birthday party, camping trip & summer play dates with friends.

DIY Pipe Ball or carpet cardboard tubes. Fun game for kids to play. Great activity for kids birthday party, camping trip & summer play dates with friends.

Paper Airplane Target practice — yes!!

Paper Airplane Target practice -- yes! Cut holes in a large piece of paper and have children aim their hand-made paper planes through. Set a certain number of tries, and give a prize to the winner who got the most planes through the holes.

ball catch (milk jug and tape/paper ball) games-activities-for-summer-camp

Milk Jug Ball Catcher *** My kids had fun with this game. I didn't bother taping the edge of the milk jug, it wasn't sharp. We made a ball using leftover foil but any ball will do.

summer games for kids outside - play pass the water to pass some time

18 Fun Things to do with Plastic Cups

Outdoor games to play in SUMMER - all you need: water, cups, bucket. We did these one summer at a girls camp & my kids all wanted to play them!

Youth Group Game

Spare Me Contestants roll marbles through the hole in the middle of a pool noodle to knock down five pieces of sidewalk chalk. First team to knock all pieces of chalk down, wins. 1 pool noodle per team, 5 pieces of sidewalk chalk per team, marbles

Marble races! So fun!

Marble Races with a cheap pool noodle (keep kids occupied for hours. Jack loves to play with marbles.I will have to get into the pool stuff and cut a noodle in half