Bartok is my favorite. And this is my favorite animated quote. Probably favorite movie quote of all time!

The DA

Dumbledore s Army. Words cannot express how much I love this picture. It needs to be hanging at Hogwarts, right beside a picture of the original Order. ❤<< I love how Fred and Georges names are on one line. They truly considered themselves one person

I love her and that's the beginning and end of everything.  ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

fScott “I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything. Scott Fitzgerald Navy on gold to celebrate my Art Deco styled shoot, featured on Grey Likes wedding today


This is a very good scene from a very good movie!

"Language was invented for one reason - to woo women." Robin Williams in "Dead Poet's Society" one of the best movies I have ever seen! OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN!

Bones quotes from Star Trek Into Darkness.

Bones has the best lines in Star Trek into Darkness (gif).-and Karl Urban is perfect as Bones.

The Hunger Games

One of the funniest lines of the whole movie…This is why I love Peeta, he lightens up the mood and helps Katniss loosen up(: ----- but Katniss' face tho!

Haha Shes the Man!!!!

'She's The Man' lmao. I love this movie! Amanda Bynes is hilarious and Channing tatum, I mean, helloooooo!

Ah Miss Congeniality. @Stephanie Currie

When our graphic designer told us he was getting married on April 25 naturally we all knew why they chose that day. it's the perfect date! So Happy April 25 and Happy Anniversary to Kyle and his wife Heather!

Elsa: You can't marry someone you just met... Disney is finally getting it

"You can't marry a man you just met." Says Elsa. Meanwhile, EVERY Disney Princess becomes sad because they can't marry their "One True Love". That they just met.