Made in the USA - autism.a piece of my heart ornament makes a great gift for teachers, therapist, bus drivers or a special person who has been touched by autism.

Temple Grandin -- Claire Danes does a great job in this must see film about Dr. Temple Grandin, an amazing mind and inspiration.

april 2nd is austim awarness day.  for many families, it's everyday.  light it up blue for those families that live, eat, and breathe autism 24/7.

Light it up blue on April 2 for Autism Awareness Day! April begins Autism Awareness month.

Look Me in the Eye: my Life with Asperger's by John Elder Robison. Memoir of John Robison whose odd behavior was explained when he was diagnosed with a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome when he was forty and the change that made in his life.

April is Autism awareness month. I did my each of my nails definitely because, every case of Autism is different. Please help support the children.

National Autism Awareness Month, held every April, is an campaign by Autism Society and Autism Speaks. Read what we can do on this day and how to treat autism.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Cookie Cutter is perfect for both the chef and those that love puzzles. With this unique cookie cutter, baking cookies got just even more fun!

If you love an inspiring story about what life is really like with a child with Autism.

one of my new favorite wines, and the winery (OneHope Wine) donates half of the profits to charity. Thanks Alexander for introducing us to it!