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Martin Freeman being funny, totally opposite of Benedict's cool and sexy.

Martin Freeman is too cute and awesome! And Benedict Cumberbatch looks so damn sexy!<<< Ben is most girls on picture day, then I'm Martin

Love Sherlock haha ~ tv show funny Sherlock Holmes John Watson Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Freeman ~

Sherlock 'calling' the police. It would be a lot quicker to do it that way! Hahaha in my country the police will not arrive.NEVER xD

Martin Freeman is so funny!

" - Hahah, this reminds me of "What's your favorite bit of Hobbit merchandise?" "Oh - I'd say anything with my face on it really." <--- Well he is the king of sass, and definitely lives up to the title. <- Such sass.

This is how Amanda met Martin.--Best story of love. Sorry for the language

Best story about love // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

"it's funny because you can't drive" ugh i wanna move to england and maybe one day i'll just stumble upon martin freeman in his bike! i wish

John Watson on his bicycle. <--- There's no mustache. It's Martin Freeman guys.

The art of walking by Bilbo Baggins [GIF set - click through]

The art of walking by Bilbo Baggins [GIF set - click through] I LOVE it, sooo sweet, I wish the gif was bigger, though.

I really want to meet Martin Freeman. He seems like a truly funny and down to earth guy. I love him!

Why will LOTR fans love The Hobbit? Not sure what the interviewer was thinking and I have deemed that a stupid question. Good response by Martin Freeman though.gif Oh my god I love Martin Freeman

I would watch a movie with only clips of Martin Freeman's face in it because he is a genius when it comes to facial expressions XD

Bilbo's face of determination<~~ XD<<<<Martin Freeman's facial expressions are priceless