Baristamme bravuuri.

Should definitely look at this place. Knowing what works could help with decision making.Cool Beans: The Best Coffee Shops in the U. (my uncles coffee company Stumptown Coffee, of course, being one of them!

Paulan essu.

threadforkandlute: “Camellia Fiber Company Photoshoot Photographer: Rebekka Seale Hair / Makeup : Tái Rising-Moore Model: Pap Shirock ” Rebekka is such a dear.

Tukkakin kaipaa uudistusta. Lyhyt ja laineikas, miten olis?

Short Hairstyle Hair Hacks - Tricks for Styling Short Hair - Cosmopolitan. I don't have short hair but this is cute.

Hiuspannan haastaja: punainen turbaani.

turban + make up. I don't know if I could pull off the turban, but I love the red lips and clean makeup. and maybe I could sport a red headband.

Paulan pop up-kahvila.

BARISTA serves exceptional coffees in Portland, Oregon / Coffee Shop Stuff

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